Olympic fever generates 2 million page views on CityCaucus.com

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Millions of page views and visitors makes this a record month for CityCaucus.com - Photo by KenHall

As many of you know, life around CityCaucus.com head offices got a tad crazy several weeks ago when we decided to focus our daily coverage on the 2010 Olympic Games. By the time Wayne Gretzky had lit the outdoor cauldron, tens of thousands of you were already logging in to CityCaucus.com on a daily basis to find out Where 2 Be for Free.

Without a doubt, the last few weeks have been our most successful period in terms of web traffic. In fact, later today we anticipate reaching our 2 millionth page view so far this month. As of yesterday, over 966,000 unique visitors had visited our blog in February. Every one of us at CityCaucus.com wants to thank you for making us a part of your Olympic experience. We also hope that many of you will come back after the Games and enjoy our blog at a much more leisurely pace. And the best part is there will be no line-ups!

After the Games, CityCaucus.com will continue covering the urban beat. However, we also hope to continue with some new features such as Michelle's restaurant reviews, entertainment feature reports and our popular special give-a-aways. We also plan to keep our Where 2 Be for Free guide up and running through the Paralympics. Thanks again to the thousands of you who've helped to make February such a big success for us. We appreciate it!

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