Vancouver's sunny spring Olympics on their way

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Environment Canada is forecasting mild and sunny conditions starting Wednesday

It's been a tad cloudy and soggy for the first couple of days of Vancouver's winter Olympics. Although this type of weather is not unexpected for the Wet Coast, it can put a damper on your outdoor experiences. If the weather forecasters are correct, you won't have to wait long before a big stretch of sunshine and mild weather heads back to Vancouver. In fact, according to Environment Canada, the dry conditions will appear mid-week and stay with us for at least a week or so. Temperatures are expected to soar to 11 degrees (53F) downtown and likely 14 Celsius (56F) in the Fraser Valley. If you enjoy the soggy conditions, soak them in while you can. Because in a few days you'll be taking off those parkas, slapping on the sunscreen and enjoying everything Vancouver's Spring Olympics has to offer!


People without a degree in English need an editor or at least friend who doesn't want them to look stupid.

You might like to change the headline spelling of "there" to "their" since you're using the possessive term of the word.

Don't mention it... any time.

PS I stopped reading your article right after the headline because I couldn't find my red pencil.

PPS I'm in marketing and appreciate the fact that headlines can entice you or turn you off.

Hey Dale - quit the search for the red pencil and head out and enjoy some of the Olympic experiences. They're / their / there great!

I agree with Westender. Dale, take a rest. Your (or is it you're :-) the kinda guy that was likely accused of being a bully in school. Just sit back and enjoy the games and stop nitpicking with the slightest mistake on this blog. Cut the guys some slack and tone down the sarcasm. A simple note by email letting them know there was a typo would suffice. My heavens. What a grump.

The weather is not good for the general admission for the Cypress snowboard races so they are telling the general admission ticket holders to not come and they will refund their tickets. well that is about $400,000 worth of tickets. I know you can buy a lot of plywood for $100,000 that could be staggered, double layered and placed over the bails of hay they already have. Get a couple of screw guns and good to go. That would make many ticket holders happy and there would still be $300,000 left over. I know its not that easy but canceling tickets isn't good enough!

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