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Light sculptures adorn Vancouver during the Games – click for larger

The 2010 Olympics through VANOC, host cities, the federal government, pavilions, businesses and private residences have all adopted lighting as major component of the celebration. It seemed like a natural response to the time of the season when it's often dark. VANOC’s CODE Live program acknowledges the importance of lighting in projects such as Vectorial Elevation in English Bay. The Province is using lighting to help Ignite the Dream at Robson Square, many of the projects in the City of Vancouver’s Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program incorporate lighting and the Yaletown BIA’s Made in Vancouver Festival features light artists. The Canadian Olympic Committee has encouraged all citizens to Paint the Town Red.

To quote Malcolm Levy, the curator of CODE Live, “There’s something very glorious about light, something very whimsical, magical and meditative about it. I chose to include light-based pieces because of the ways they can shift and change environments. Since the discovery of fire to its present-day incarnations, civilization has surrounded itself with the comfort of light at night, the attraction of the sun, the moon and light-based objects. You’re taking light and you’re affecting the world around you in really interesting way.”

The folks over at Eos Lightmedia couldn’t agree more. They've been thrilled to see all the interesting and innovative ways that lighting has been used to enhance our urban domain and show the world what a beautiful place we live in – day and night. Eos Lightmedia has had the privilege to contribute to a number of these projects and, as a complement to the's 2010 Free Events Guide and Flickr Group, they've created a Google "Light Map" showing the best lighting installations.

Of course, the greatest light display of them all is the Olympic cauldron, fence or no fence.

Remember, just walking around and looking at the lights is free. There is also a 2010 Lights Up! Flickr Group where you can post your best 2010 lighting photos – they could be from a Live Site or on the house next door. They will add the best to the Light Map. You can even follow Eos' blog.

Thanks to Douglas Welch and all the folks at Eos for passing this information along, creating the Light Map, and helping to make Vancouver so beautiful after the sun goes down.


I went English Bay to see the sculpture in the picture and the Olympic symbol rocks, Inukshuk, @ night. They were very photogenic and my photos of those came out very good. I think who did the lightning of those things did a great job too!

If you go take a walk there, you should brin your camera! A nice picture place!

why no stories on the death of the young georgian, kind of makes these games feel worthless pointless and depressing

I went to check this light show along English Bay on Wednesday night after watching a concert at LiveCity Yaletown, the best place to watch this is along Burrard bridge. My only disappointment was that the lights kept shutting off and by midnight it was totally turned off, I walked along the seawall where these massive lights were coming from, I waited for half an hour and nothing. This light show was supposed to be from dusk till dawn. The sculpture in the picture above wasn't lighted either.

Check out!

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