Vancouver 2010: "The People's Games"?

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This video collage features CTV's 'I Believe' theme, and Where 2 Be for Free

We began going through our photo album, and many of the great shots provided to us in our Facebook group, and thought what great memories the images represent. What a great time Vancouver's 2010 Games have been for so many of us. We've cobbled together this little video as a keepsake, and a reminder of the great times we've had so far.

Before long the flame burning brightly at the outdoor cauldron will be snuffed out and Vancouver's Games will be a footnote in history. For those who simply watched it on television, the Games were a series of memorable moments and a display of supreme athleticism. If you were fortunate enough to live in Metro Vancouver, they will likely represent so much more.

They will forever change the way we look at ourselves and Vancouver.  It's hard to believe that memories of streets filled late into the night with young children and families can't help but transform our great city into something even better.

We've had a blast with our Where 2 Be for Free guide knowing that it's helped so many people get into the Olympic spirit. This little video is meant to ensure we never forget the faces, the smiles and the enjoyment the Games brought to so many people. So sit back, click play and relive some of those great moments all over again.


I can't remember how I found this site (random google search?), but I'm so grateful to the creators for having this space for people like me who couldn't afford to pay for their olympic experience.

I was almost certain that my experience would only be through the magic of TV, but thanks to this website, I've been able to filter through the good, the mediocre and the completely-not-worth-it reviews to make the most of these games and within my means. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I would be remiss if I didn't also thank my fellow netizens who've contributed their own personal comments on their experiences of these games. Those who took the time to give insightful information helped me to form my own opinion and either take a chance or live vicarious through your frustrations and feel glad for knowing what not to do and/or where not to go.

For those who've been nay-sayers and are aching to have their beautiful city back to normal, the party will be over soon and we'll be hung over for a while with the debt load. Was it worth it? That remains to be seen. I can only hope that the good will out weigh the bad. I was 9.5 years old when Expo 86 was in town and I've witnessed my city blossom from the after glow of that event.

This is an exciting time in Vancouver and I hope that the memories we take away from these games will carry its citizens and our city forward beyond what we could possibly imagine today.

Bravo. You have captured in this video how we are all feeling about now. I'm sharing this link with everyone I know. It brought a tear to my eye just thinking that it will all be over soon. I love Vancouver. I love Canada! What a great place to live.

We have all, undeniably, been having a great time for the past week and a half on account of the Olympics. We have all come out to join the great party on the streets of Vancouver as proud Canadians. But in a few days, after the rich, the famous and the glamorous leave, the crowds dissipate and the Olympic pride fades, please let us remember that only a few blocks away from where we have been partying the poorest of Canadians, the homeless, the addicts and the disenfranchised live and will continue to live.

Let’s “believe,” be inspired and join together with the same Canadian pride to help solve the poverty/homeless problem in Vancouver!

I invite you to search, find and read other sources of information that have covered the not-so-glamorous side of these Olympics. Here’s an example:

Check out!

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