The Royal Canadian Mint will bring back the medals for the Paralympics

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Olympic gold medal
We will be able to see the medals up close through March, but at a new location

Sources have revealed to that the Royal Canadian Mint is returning for the duration of the Paralympic Games, March 12 to March 21, 2010. However, the venue for viewing the medals will change, as the Mint is not able to secure the current space at Granville & Pender beyond February 28th. It's expected that the Federal government will reveal the location after the end of the Olympic Games on Sunday. As soon as learns of the venue, we'll let our readers know. For a complete list of venues staying open for the Paralympic Games, visit


This is such good news; I'm looking forward to seeing the Canadian Mint pavilion -- hopefully without the long, lengthy lineups!

Wonderful to hear that this pavillion will re-open, hopefully the line-ups won't be as long...

John, I concur! My thoughts exactly.

Plus we share the same name, so, as usual: GMTA!

Great news! This may warrant another trip up from Seattle! Heading up to Vancouver tomorrow and was worried about the long lines for this pavilion.

Wonderful news and I hope they plan a travelling show so the experience is shared across Canada, something similar to the travelling Hockey Hall of Fame.

Check out!

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