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This image captures how many people feel about the chain link fence protecting the cauldron - Photo by Karl Woll

Facing a massive public outcry, VANOC has decided to cut a few holes out of the chain link fence protecting the Olympic cauldron from the public. They have also opened up a grassy knoll adjacent to the media centre where you can now take an unobstructed photo. Local media are reporting that many people are pleased they can take better photos, but many remain unimpressed with how this has all been handled. Some columnists think VANOC should just say sorry. What do you think? Let us know by posting a comment.


So why didn't they design the torch to be much higher? Anyways, I think they should get some sort of plexi glass fencing for it, post some security guards around it and be done with it so that people can get some proper pics!

I saw the mayor on CBC National tonight beaming about how proud he was that the new chain link fence they installed at the Olympic cauldron. He claims the fence is necessary to ensure nobody gets burned. Hahahahahahahaha. Who is he kidding? He's becoming as big a joke as the scandal known as Cauldrongate (or is is cauldron-fence???).

I ask. Why can all the dignitaries get close to the flame but we can't? Does the mayor think we're that stupid that'd we'd burn ourselves? If so, why put the flame there in the first place. Duh...bad planning on the mayor's part. Anyway, isn't this the mayor who installed fencing all aroudn the livecity sites in yaletown? Who's he to talk about chain link fences. He's installed about 10 km of his own. Perhaps he should take those fences down too. But it looks like he seems to be warming up to chain link. I love vancouver, but it's looking a bit silly right about now.

I went there on 17th and saw a long line-up to take a picture of Cauldron from the top of the building next to it. Another line up here... Another long one...

Way to go Vancouver, you have excelled yet again! Not only have you succeeded in creating yet another huge line up in the city - this time to get up to the viewing platform that can only hold 150 people at a time, but you have also made the most pointless holes in the fence for pictures. This does not help visitors to take pictures of themselves with the cauldron - they still get the dumb fence in the background. If I needed a picture perfect shot of only the cauldron, I would just print it from one of the many media sites who's reporters all have full access to get to our burning monument!


Don't forget the fact the platform is only open banking hours. 9-5 PM. Just like city hall. You can't dream this stuff up. This is going from bad to worse. When will the city and olympics officials realize they are making our no fun city reputation a world-wide phenomenon.

I continue to be impressed with VANOC and the City's responsiveness to feedback. The reality is that security is a significant part of any world event now including the cauldron. And line-ups are part of anything that attracts 300,000 visitors to a city. When did we become such a critical bunch? After the destruction of the hooligans this past Saturday, it's all the more important for there to be some security/restrictions in order to prevent another such incident. And of course, if something did happen than VANOC would be criticized for not doing enough. They can't win.

No one is arguing the need for security - God knows, the amount of money they have spent on security for these games there bloody well better be a ton of it here! However, a chain link fence is really not the answer. Those "hooligans" you talk about could scale that fence and get to the flame in a heartbeat if they so wished. They could cut through it with wire cutters for goodness sake - and would probably be labelled as heroes for doing so at this point. Sure, have some kind of barrier to stop anyone getting too close and touching/climbing on it (yes, some folks really are dumb enough) but don't make it an ugly, chain link eyesore. I have seen some great suggestions on this site - have mounties stationed there (what an awesome photo op that would be!), make some kind of water feature around it, a plexiglass barrier, anything other than what we have! And what about the future? This cauldron is supposedly staying here, a legacy to the games. Does this mean that we have to put up with that God-awful fence for the rest of our days, or will no one care enough to touch the cauldron once the games are over?

Finally, today I went to cauldron today to take the pictures from the roof. I ARRIVED at the long line up along the staircase for the roof top platflorm at about 850AM. There were roughly 50 people ahead of me. By 9am people were moving up slowly to the roof top deck. I got my cauldron pictures completed by 930am. Well worth getting up early to avoid the massive long line ups later in the day & night. My advice be in the line at least by 830am-845am.

I think after the vandels (protestors)went after the Bay downtown do you not think that they would go after the cauldrin? of course they would .. As well how could CTV have such a good view out that window while doing interviews ...People milling about the flame hmmm I dont think that would look too good , Anyway the real reason everyone is here is to celebrate the games and of course to support all the Athletes .. This is after all about them .....

@Joanne. "People milling about the flame hmmm I don't think that would look too good" What about all the VIPs and IOC mucky mucks who are allowed close to the flame every day to take their pictures? Shouldn't they be banned too? Or are they better than the rest of us? What a double standard.

I went to see this on Wednesday and there are lots of people milling about taking pictures even with the ugly fence on the background. The gap halfway up was the fence helped to get a clear picture or if your short, just take a shot through the chain link. I didn't know the new viewing point was for the public since I didn't see any sign that would lead people to it, I thought it was for the VIP's. I came back again around midnight and still lots of people milling about. I got great photos during the day and night with or without the fence.

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