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A rockin' power duo attracts a crowd at Granville & Georgia

There's been a power duo playing on the corner beside the art exhibit on the Granville Mall, I've not caught their names yet (maybe someone can comment and tell me who they are). You walk out of the Vancouver City Centre Canada Line station and there they are, drawing crowds, whacking the tubs and honking their horn. It's just a sample of the new energy happening on Vancouver's downtown streets, including hundreds of 2010 volunteers wearing their light blue "smurfs" uniforms.

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We were just planning on staying in front of our big screen TV for the duration of the games - BUT. Now that we have viewed your site we are going to Abbotsford (& staying with relatives) for 3 days just to see the events. We will be using the Mission train & with your help will see as many sites as possible.


Yvonne & Charlie in Kamloops

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