The Red Mitten Flash Mob (and other stuff you should see)

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Vancouver is seeing several semi-spontaneous expressions of joy

I just discovered this video for the Red Mitten Flash Mob down at Robson Square (thanks, Paul, for the link). It's just one of the expressions of joy we're seeing around Vancouver in these final two days of the 2010 Olympic Games. We've received emails from folks reminding us of a couple other good stops on your travels around town. For example the Right to Play tent at Concord Place, and the great "BC Street" at Richmond's O Zone.

Jennifer, who emailed us with info about the Right to Play tent (there is also a BIG push by the City of Surrey on Right to Play), says this:

It's a great little pavilion right across from Quebec House set up for Right to Play. It has received no mention albeit many Olympic Athletes promote Right to Play in third world countries and are Right to Play ambassadors. It is tiny little place but lots of great info on the walls about Right to Play’s mission and what they do, hot chocolate by donation to Right to Play and cool stuff on sale to support them It even has interactive kid friendly games. Give it a mention – any non-profit deserves attention: kudos on them for setting up the Pavilion. Hey and no lines to get in!!!

Sounds like a great place for the kids to stop, too. Another one of our readers, Susan, called us about BC Street at Richmond's O Zone:

I just wanted to let you know that I went out to Richmond today and visited BC Street in Richmond near the O-Zone. It was one of the best venues I have visited in terms of presentation; on a par with BC House and Northern House. It was very visual, well set up with friendly people very willing to answer questions and talk to you. It's too bad it wasn't included on your website as I'm sure people would have enjoyed it.

I have to totally agree with Susan on this. It's the best place of all the venues to really find out about the diverse regions of the 2010 Games Host Province. One other small venue we mentioned yesterday was the cedar carving taking place on the front plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. Please comment here if there are other stops you think people should check out this weekend!

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