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roberto luongo
Looouie! Canucks goaltender Luongo visits Concord Place, site of many free venues

As I was taking the SkyTrain into Vancouver yesterday, I was advised by a friend of mine that a new BC Housing demonstration project is taking root at the Concord site in North East False Creek. From my vantage point on the SkyTrain guideway, I could see a small green roof atop a small white structure at the far eastern point of the property. It doesn't look like much now, but it is apparently a prototype of what can be built on a very small footprint of property. 215 square feet to be exact...

This is what we found on the website about this unique project:

This display home offers a compact housing option for high density urban living. The 215-square-foot home has all the amenities of a regular home - except the extra space. This form of housing may address a range of housing needs for urban singles, first-time home buyers, student renters, and/or seniors looking to downsize. This unit design can be combined in a range of configurations from a single studio to small projects or high-rise towers. A twelve unit version can fit on a standard city residential lot, with room for co-op parking and front and back yards

This prototype is constructed using a wood product called cross-laminated timber. CLT has the same characteristics as concrete, but is more sustainable. It allows builders to use wood for buildings six to 10 storeys high. The CLT in this display home is from wood affected by the mountain pine beetle and is one of the first buildings in Vancouver to use CLT.

Not sure how many guests the unit will accommodate during the Games, but it's easy to predict this little suite will garner some big time interest.


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As fascinating as Luongo is, I was hoping for an image of this "small suite" while reading this article. If anyone knows of a website where I can see pictures, I'd very much appreciate it if it was shared.

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