Russia's Sochi World a hive of activity

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A local photographer captures the lights of Sochi World - Photo courtesy of Pheony1

Earlier today paid an unexpected visit to Russia's Sochi World. We wanted to view first-hand the progress of their pavilion. We were greeted at the door by two burly security guards who brought us to their "customer service" desk. After grilling us for about 15 minutes, they finally directed us to their media accreditation centre. While there, we bumped into a number of local journalists who were also trying to secure their accreditation after their paperwork had apparently been lost. When tried to determine the best route to provide our readers with a sneak peak of Sochi World, we were directed to their website. Okay...soon after we took off and made our way to the Saskatchewan pavilion where the friendly organizers greeted us with open arms. A review of their pavilion is coming soon.

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