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Food, a fine view, Swiss folk celebrating and more food at Bridges Restaurant

Team Canada and Team Switzerland are in a tight matchup tonight at Canada Hockey Place. The outcome of the game will determine where the biggest celebration is, but you can count on House of Switzerland to be hopping later tonight. You can also count on lots of delicious plates being prepared and served at the pavilion, set up at Bridges Restaurant on Granville Island.

The fact that House of Switzerland is located at an iconic Vancouver restaurant is a different twist for Switzerland at the Games, and one that has stirred strong reactions from several commenters on our site. Each company, country or province who have pavilions at the 2010 Games have their own reasons for them. Switzerland is most definitely not an expo, and some visitors are disappointed at this.

The Swiss have always made their presence at the Olympic Games a priority, and in Vancouver it's no different. They're not like the Canada or Ontario pavilions, however. Bridges Restaurant has been given a minor Swiss makeover. Inside you get a menu of Swiss delights, including fine cheeses, and lots of chocolate. Upstairs a leading Swiss broadcaster is set up with beautiful Burrard Bridge and False Creek as a backdrop. Striking images of our city are being beamed back to millions in Europe from Bridges.

Switzerland knows the importance of branding and marketing itself. They've done lots of research to discover what the world knows about them. Their presence at Vancouver's Games represents their effort to grow an understanding of who and what Switzerland is all about. It might sound strange that a country would spend the effort to increase knowledge about them, but look at what Canada, BC and the City of Vancouver are spending to profile themselves during these Games.

House of Switzerland is not a place to play video games, or bond with touch-screen computers. It's a restaurant to dine on Swiss goodies, and celebrate with members of Team Switzerland. If you go there with that in mind, you'll come away with more knowledge about that great country, and most likely a full belly.

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