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Sochi House at Science World
Sochi Russia will play host to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games

I had heard the lines at Sochi House were huge, so I wasn’t surprised to see one when I showed up. What did surprise me was how quickly it moved. I was there around 4:00pm, and made it into the pavilion within 15 minutes.

The pavilion, housed inside Science World, reminded me of Expo ’86. Every wall is covered with photos and information regarding the host city for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The photography is breathtaking, and there is a full scale model of the entire Sochi area. Clowns were entertaining the crowds during my visit and from what I hear they have multiple rotating acts. There’s tons to see and it felt like every square foot of the space was covered— detailing the geography, history, and industry of Russia. The highlight for me was the hockey memorabilia.

The one down side was that I didn’t notice many interactive displays, as most of the display space was taken by sponsors. And I was disappointed to see a cool nightclub space, only to learn that it, and the entire pavilion, was closed to the general public after 5pm.

I’m going to have to go back to take in the movie that’s playing in the IMAX theatre, it’s Russian with English sub-titles and I hear it’s quite good. If you have a burning desire to read up on Sochi and Russia, then this pavilion is a must see. And with a reasonable wait to get in it’s worth it. Well done Sochi, here’s to 2014!

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I was there during the first week of
the Olymics and found it very interesting, especially the full scale
model of the entire Sochi area, and
also the Hockey display, etc. (I was
a fan of Pavel Bure when he played for
the Vancouver Canucks and when Alexander Ovechkin arrived in the NHL
I almost instantly became a very big
fan of his and thus the Washington
Capitals. Ovie is a marvelous/great
player!! -- I was very disappointed
when he and his Russian Teammates were
knocked out of the Olympics. Even though I am a Canadian I was cheering
for them to get to the Gold medal game.
They didn't have a chance to win their
quarter final game with the 'overly
rough/unfair treatment' they encountered). I was hoping to get back
to see the movie that was there and
also to take more photos, but I was
unable to do so. Therefore I was
wondering if the movie that was being
shown was available to buy somewhere.
I would, very much, like to acquire a
copy. Also, I would like to get ahold
of some brochures of Sochi World and
Sochi, Russia.

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