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Irish House is a sports bar in a big tent is pleased to welcome a new writer, Kerri Brkich, who will be providing "Pavilion Profiles" as part of our 2010 Update series.

Irish House could be one of the better places to spill beer on the floor during the Olympics. But make no mistake, this is a sports bar—right down to the Astroturf—and there’s not a whole lot of Irish going on unless really fake looking turrets make you think of the Emerald Isle. What Irish House does have is ample TVs and projection screens, a Wii station, and four or five bars spread conveniently around the entire facility. I didn’t sample the food, but it’s typical pub fare (bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie); I saw only one food kiosk and it’s crammed in near the front door. Beer tickets are $8 and $9 for regular and premium beverages and are easy to come by thanks to helpful staff. The cover is $5.

This is a live music venue, and the Roxy’s house band, The Bulge, will be entertaining for the next three weeks so expect this place to be packed every night with people looking to party. Two raised platforms offer a unique Birdseye view, but I found the stairwells a little narrow—not such a big deal if it‘s quiet, but could be trouble when it’s packed. The bathrooms (at least the ladies) were excellent for a temporary outdoor facility. This venue is very accessible for those taking transit, although I hope capacity is jacked up during the games—I took a very crowded bus home, and my friend tried to take Canada Line, but the wait was so long she decided to cab it.

Overall, a great place to grab a beer and watch the game, but it you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day head to the Irish Heather.


Note to our readers. Because Irish House is apparently not representing Ireland and has a cover charge, we have moved this venue off of our Where 2 Be for Free Listing.

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"Irish House is not represenative [sic] of Ireland"

Does anyone know who is behind Irish house?

Doolin's, sadly enough.

Congrats on the new writing position...just a comment as to your spelling. SPELL CHECK!

Beer at $8 to $9 and cover at 20 Bucks!? This is right on the way home for me, but I'll pass at these prices.

Went on opening night . . .
- $5 cover, I'm okay with that.
- $9 for a small guinness, not a pint, a freakin' 333 ml cup !
- don't go hungry, the food is really, really, really BAD. Even the attempt at Irish food was bad and expensive.
- the live music was a tonne of fun ! There was a 2 hour gap between the live music and DJ, they have to fix that.

My opinion . . . fun place, bring a lot of cash if you want to drink and don't show up hungry. Grab food on Granville and drink at the Irish House. You'll spend a lot for it, but, it is the Olympics !

Good God. After a week of living right next to this place, I hope Ireland falls into the sea.

Also, I had no idea the Sugarhill Gang were Irish.

Check out!

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