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A slideshow of images from the BC Pavilion

After waiting for an hour to get to the entrance of the Vancouver Art Gallery I was excited to find… another line. And to get to the second floor, another line, the third floor… well I think you get the picture. The saving grace was that the internal lines moved fairly quickly, and you could walk around each floor of the art gallery for as long you wanted and in relative peace, giving you a much needed break from the waiting.

The Da Vinci exhibit on the first floor is very well done and worth the wait. The BC Pavilion is actually on the fourth floor, and upon entering the exhibit visitors are greeted by a faux forest, complete with fun wood factoids. But while the room is suitably dressed up, there’s not a lot of substance. The one highlight is the misty hologram family that greets you as you enter the rest of the pavilion.

We then waited about 15 minutes to view the 3-minute 3D movie. The hall leading to the theatre is lined with interactive touch screens that provided information about green building and sustainable technologies. Fun for kids I saw there (and adults!), they were a welcome distraction and helped kill time.

Once I was handed my 3D glasses I couldn't wait to see our province in all its glory. Unfortunately, the movie left me feeling a little under-whelmed. I’m guessing that Tourism BC’s effects budget was slightly less than Jim Cameron’s, but if there’s a huge line up for this you might want to consider bypassing it.

The other rooms included a display of alternative energy technologies that the province is developing, and interactive multi-media touch screens. Overall, the pavilion should give visitors a sense of the province and what our priorities are, and multiple interactive displays will give the kids something to do. The volunteers there, and everywhere I’ve been, have been amazingly helpful, happy, and fantastic ambassadors for these Games.

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I waited for an hour in the line up, sun was shining and lots of things to watch to distract you from getting bored, while in the line up a guy started handing out Olympic pins and Omega caps so there was a lot of "can you save my spot" Once inside the museum the Da Vinci exhibit is a must see. This is not an exhibit where you can just stand in the middle of the room and look, there's a lot of reading involved. You can either take the escalator up to the other floors but I suggest you take the marble staircase and look up at the gorgeous dome above, the totem pole in the middle is nice too. The interactive displays at the BC pavilion was cool, but most people bypass the forest room, I agree with Kerri, skip the 3D movie cause it's not worth it and the room focusing on energy is a drab.

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