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Use those brainwaves of yours to control CN Tower, Niagara Falls & Ontario's Parliament. Cool.

Okay, this is a weird one. The Ontario Pavilion must have laid some serious fibre optic connections down to make their "brainwaves" control system that involves "thought control". You get to sit in a "pod" and use your mind's alpha and beta brainwaves to change the lighting on major Ontarian attractions. Don't ask us how it works – it's classified. You can check out the brainwave control system at the Ontario Pavilion.

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Hi guys,

First let me say what a wonderful job you have done with the free events listing. I spent so much time hunting and gathering info then one day...ta da, there you had it all laid out beautifully. Thank you.

As for the list I do know of a couple of other venues that are not yet on your list. One I live near and another 2 I stumbled across in my wanders.

First is the Slovak house at the Vancity Theater from Feb 11-28 and yes it does have a public venue. As well I know you listed German Saxony house, but the main zone for Germany will be down at the Landing by Steamworks. It is called German Fan Fest and I get the feeling it will be a big party place with some good German food included (and of course beer).

The last that I do believe has public access that I have not seen on the list is the Kla-How-Ya Aboriginal Village in the atrium of the Pan Pacific Hotel. From what I have seen it will host the BC Coast Salish their art, entertainment and culture and runs from the 12th to the 28th.

Once again thanks for all the work, it is great to know that others take joy in encouraging and helping people find what is interesting and informative and free in this city.

Hope you find time to enjoy all the Olympics will be offering up on the side.

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