O-O-Oh Canada! Vancouver, r u ready??

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Rapper Classified has his own take on O Canada

Hey, it's Friday night and we're only a WEEK AWAY from the 2010 Games!! It's a reason to get pumped, isn't it?? Unless you like Old Skool hip-hop style you might not like Classified's version of our national anthem, but I think it's a whole lot of fun. Beaver suits, Mounties, and tea-stained Canadian history films are all sent up in this lovely little slice of Can Con.


Not bad. Kind of like William Shatner, and I am Canadian. I like the Nordiques hat.

Love your sight. It was a last minute decision to go to BC, but now I'm really getting excited. Managed to get tickets to a medal ceremony and wasn't sure what else to do, but this sight has given me lots of stuff to see! Great job! EH! OH! CANADA GO!!

I am a native Vancouverite and have the privilege of hosting volunteers, officials and athletes from the sport of speed skating to Vancouver for the Olympics.

Your webpage is brilliant and I have shared it with many of my colleagues locally and across Canada. So many have no idea of the amazing things there are to see and do in Vancouver.

Thanks to you for your efforts to give us an easy way to find things to do.

Go Canada!!

Thanks for your wonderful site; both Google and the one for printing is lovely. Happy Olympics.

thank you for sharing some places to go for free!!! It's a must share to everyone!

It was great right up until the rap started.

As I said, not for everybody, but there's lots to smile about in this video, and lots of pride.

The pride will be at its highest when Canada is in the process of winning the most Olympic medals in its history. :)

Go Team Canada!

Keep up the great work, Mike et al.

The Games are on the doorstep!! The preparation and presentation is beyond belief... I went downtown on Saturday and I was blown away. This is not a time for protest. It is a time for celebration. What a great place to live and what a great city to host these games. Your website is at the very top of my favorites! GO CANADA!

Fabulous! Oh-Oh-Canada - all the sterotypical Canadian icons - funny but done with respect & good taste - How can I get a copy of the lyrics???

Carol, just google "classified oh canada lyrics". You'll find them on a bunch of sites.

I love, love this version of oh canada!

I read your interesting post and comments.

Do you think Canadians felt a greater sense of national pride watching the Vancouver Olympics or listening to this song?

Do you think this song is a more effective means of creating a sense of national pride than the Molson Canadian campaign of I. Am. Canadian?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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