Let the celebration continue during the Paralympic Games

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Newly announced Canadian Paralympic Ambassador Sam Sullivan on GlobalTV

Two days left, folks. Of the Olympic Games celebration, that is. We're going to try and take in some of the final celebrations, including watching the closing ceremony (on a TV, natch). Of course, there's the men's gold medal hockey matchup – Canada vs the USA once again. Over the weekend we'll have the last of our 2010 pavilion reports, and a few thoughts on what we've just experienced, and what might be next. But let's not forget that the Paralympic Games begin March 12th – two weeks from now – and many of the free attractions continue.

See our post about what pavilions are staying at CityCaucus.com/paralympics


Keep all those pavilions open!!

I concur. Keep everything open!

What pavillions are staying open for the paralympic games? I can't find any details.

We've got a post that you can find at www.CityCaucus.com/paralympics that says what's staying open.

does anyone know if the macot show will continue during the Paralympics?

Hopefully, considering one of their mascots (Sumi) is supposed to represent the Paralympics.

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