Kla-Howya: Aboriginal village welcomes visitors

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Keith Henry, CEO of the Aboriginal Tourism Association of BC, provides CityCaucus.com with a quick tour of his pavilion located at the Pan Pacific Hotel. The pavilion has a number of interesting exhibits and plans to feature a number of cultural performances over the 17 days of the Games. Click here for more information or view our exclusive video above. This interview is part of a series of short video pavilion profiles we plan to share with our readers in the next two weeks. If you've had a chance to visit the Welcome Village, be sure to share your experience with everyone else by posting a comment in our Where 2 Be for Free guide. Here is a calendar of events during the Games...

From February 12 – 28, Here’s What’s Happening At:

Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel:

Daily scheduled performances and cultural demonstrations including traditional dancing, cedar bark weaving, Aboriginal fashions, birch bark chewing, moose hide tufting, jewelry making, carving, storytelling and an opportunity to understand the traditional harvesting of wild herbs for traditional medicines.

BC/Canada Pavilion at Vancouver Art Gallery:

Cedar has long symbolized life for coastal Aboriginal people as it provided shelter, transportation and clothing, aided in food preparation (baskets, fishing, hunting), and served as a means of spiritual and historical communication. In the forestry section of the BC/Canada Pavilion, AtBC artisans will demonstrate traditional uses of cedar and other wood products. Demonstrations will include carving, bent box making, cedar bark weaving and birch bark chewing.

BC Showcase Stage at Robson Square:

Dancers, singers and drummers from throughout the province will share the stories of their culture through colorful and dramatic performances daily from 12:30 – 1:00pm.

Aboriginal Business Showcase – Vancouver Community College (click here for map)

Throughout the Games, AtBC member businesses will be showcasing their tourism businesses, providing visitors with a chance to meet with operators and learn more about what Aboriginal cultural tourism experiences are available throughout the province. (10 am to 10pm daily)

For more information, click here.


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Thank you for this website!! Very informative, and now I have made a list of the places that I want to visit...

Thanks, again!

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