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Canadians in the streets of downtown Vancouver
LA Times writer Bill Plaschke marvels at the spirit of Vancouver during these Games

Folks, we don't usually re-post stories from other sources, but this recent story by Bill Plaschke published in the LA Times took our breath away...

There was a lot to like about these Olympics, but nothing more than the Canadian people.

It was after midnight, a week ago, the U.S. had earlier defeated Canada in a preliminary-round Olympic hockey game, the emptying streets wet, the mood soggy. I was returning from our nightly visit to the giant four-pronged Olympic flame with my 15-year-old daughter, Mary Clare, who was wearing an American flag like a cape, and a smile like a necklace. It was one of the first times she wore something that didn't represent her high school or favorite sports team. It was one of the first moments she may have realized the pride in being an American.

And here came the Canadian. He appeared to be in his late 20s. He was wearing a scruffy beard, a pale bandanna, and wild stare. He jumped in front of Mary Clare on a darkened patch of sidewalk and started shouting.

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