John Furlong's next role: Mayor of Vancouver?

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John Furlong
Will John Furlong be convinced to run for Mayor of Vancouver in 2011?

After 7 years of planning and 16 days of Olympic activity, the party is almost over. Before we know it, the flame at the outdoor cauldron will be snuffed out and 60,000 people will be heading home after taking part in the closing ceremonies. Vancouver has been on such a high over the last 3 weeks, it feels like we're setting ourselves up for one big downer after the Games are over. Yes, back to backyard chicken motions and hearing about the benefits of planting vegetable gardens on the front lawn of City Hall.

The one question I've heard time and time again over the last couple of weeks is what will VANOC CEO John Furlong do next. He successfully led VANOC from the outset, and it has arguably hosted one of the most successful Winter Olympic Games ever. Furlong rightfully deserves a lot of credit for this achievement. Most Olympic CEOs never make if past a few years, but Furlong made it all the way to the finish line and was cool as a cucumber while doing it. For that effort, Furlong clearly deserves some serious recognition from Mayor Robertson and his council.

That said, it's hard to imagine what the City could do to properly recognize Furlong's efforts. Should the Mayor declare John Furlong Day? Should he hand him the keys to the city? Or, perhaps the best way Vancouverites could recognize Furlong's achievements would be to elect him as their Mayor in 2011 and keep the party going.

It's pretty obvious that if John Furlong declared tomorrow that he wanted to run for Mayor of Vancouver, he would be elected in a heartbeat. He has high name recognition (some would argue higher than the guy who currently occupies the chair) and would clearly be able to attract better talent to City Hall. Furlong not only has the ability to inspire, he knows how to get the job done! As the CEO of VANOC, he's also had to handle some pretty difficult political situations.

The question is whether Furlong wants to do it. You can anticipate that he'll likely be provided with many offers of employment after the Games are over. I suspect many of them won't include attending public hearings until 11 pm. However, being Mayor of the City would be a great way to cap off Furlong's career and his dedication to making Vancouver the best that it can be.

I'm told a group of individuals has been quietly working behind the scenes over the last few months to see if Furlong is open to the possibility of being called his Worship in 2011. They are apparently polling like mad to see what is possible. They hope to put a compelling package in front of him that will entice him to provide Vancouver with the leadership it so desperately lacks at the moment. If they are successful at convincing Furlong to throw his hat in the ring, they too should be awarded a gold medal.


It's almost as if John Furlong wrote this himself or maybe somebody from his office.

How about we wait and see what the final bill comes in at before we appoint Mr Furlong as master of the universe ?

I'd vote for him! Count me in. Where do I sign up? It sure beats what we've got now. Furlong has the experience and the contacts to make things happen for Vancovuer. He doesn't look like he's just about to go surfing.

As for the last commenter. Hello! The Games actually made money. What are you talking about? Have you seen how busy every business has been the last few weeks.

It's a fallacy to equate a boom in business in downtown to the games making money as a whole. The games were BILLIONS over budget before the start. Given his track record for budget overruns, civil liberties, and the environment, I would be weary to elect Mr Furlong into any political position.

Based on that last comment, I think the Vision folks are running a bit scared. If you give me Furlong vs Juice Boy, I'll take Furlong any day. And so would most Vancouverites. We need a leader with his depth and experience, not someone who people think is a flake. Where do I sign up to support Furlong? Should we start something up on Facebook?

Gee, is it just coincidence that the writer of this blog is a former Chief of Staff for Sam Sullivan, from the NPA and is eluding that current Mayor Gregor, from Vision Vancouver be ousted in the next election?

I'm with DJ and Freep, this is putting the cart before the horse.

In 2009, Vanoc already admitted that they wouldn't expect a profit from the games (

....coupled that with the failed Olympic Cruise Ship Hotel (

...I'm not holding my breath and I think, regardless if Furlong becomes Mayor, he'll be in our minds for a LONG LONG time, but for mostly the wrong reasons.

Who cares who the author of this blog is?? Sounds like a few people posting comments here are freakin out that a man of Furlong's stature would put his name forward as mayor. With Gregor as their candidate I can understand why. Where has he been the last 16 days??

I applaud this site for putting his name forward!!! As they say...don't attack the messenger. I hope CityCaucus starts a campaign to recruit Mr. Furlong and I'll be the first to volunteer my services. Furlong in '11!!!! Way to go baby!!

The polarization of Vancouver politics will be the city's downfall. Here's to the post-partisan era of Dianne Watts and the future Metro centre of Surrey!

John is too smart to be the Mayor of Vancouver. Watch him get offered a Senate seat.

I wish people would stop blaming everything from cruise ships to world peace on VANOC. They are simply not that powerful. And what are we going to do or say if the games come out in the black - say they are lying???

As for business being good for everyone - not so. There will be clear winners and losers. Anxious to see February's GST and PST numbers. Traditional retail was in the tank. Olympic gear, meals and hotels likely consumed 60% of all disposable income this past month. If you were not within a 15 minute walk of the 2 stadiums or Robson Square, buiness was the pits.

Okay John furlong is good at spending taxpayers money and collecting a fat paycheck from taxpayers. He ran vanoc That's not very hard to do When u have unlimited access to the public purse I wonder if he'd survive In the private sector. And I fail to see how he'd appeal to anyone more than Suzanne Anton or Peter ladner would, except furlong doesn't live in the city of Vancouver and never has , maybe He should run for mayor of Richmond that's where he lives, his record on housing and poverty is dismal but he's a right winger and is very popular with the shaughnessy crowd But very little to anyone else

Is Katzenberg really someone from the Mayor's office? Can you guys check out his IP address? This sure sounds like Vision spin. Furlong is a GREAT candidate for mayor, no matter what Vision apparatchiks post on this site. So sad that they simply can't talk about the virtues of their candidate, rather than attempting to smear and tear down Furlong. I guess that says more about Robertson than it does Furlong.

Ozzy I guess I got your peoples attention, No I'm not from the mayors office but I did vote vision but I call a spade a spade ,no one can deny that when it comes to business experience Robertson destroys Furlong. Maybe we should get your ip since u bring it up, u sound like your from the npa control room

Any way you cut it, Robertson has been terrible during these games. Just an embarrassment as far as leadership for the city. Sorry, Katz. Unlike your golden boy Gregor, Furlong has actually accomplished something.

Buddy, I'm no NPA fan. In fact, I think Furlong shouldn't even run with the NPA. I think he should set up a new party and kiss the partisan NPA,Vision and COPE parties goodbye. He could bring a new era of true non-partisan politics to city hall. A breath of fresh air!

Sorry to break up the party:

1) Speculation on a John Furlong run for Mayor was broken on my blog.
2) He would be a shoo-in, not just for the things that he has demonstrated in spades: composure, decency, coherence, multi-partisanship--but also because Vision has clearly shown that they are nothing more than COPE on cocaine--extremist reshaping of Vancouver and brutal pandering to initiatives that only enrich their backers and satisfy their various political go back a re-read Gregor's campaign literature, and his inaururation speech...if he had any interest in "reaching out" to make Vancouver less "polarized", he would have asked Sam to play a greater role at some juncture in the Olympic celebration.
3) John Furlong is NOT a staunch Conservative. He is a red Tory, which describes a majority of the voters next time out. Just watch, many stayed home last time. Look at the maps. The NPA or a Vancouver First could do this handily.
4) There is a reason why Vision's poodle propagandist is shrieking about a a Furlong candidacy...
5) This City desperately needs to return to the Philip Owen model (without the mindless Insite/harm sedcuction nonsense.

John Furlong can easily win this. Gregor is weak and can be beaten.

Let's hope Vancouver first wins. Vision is owned by Terry hui

Boy, I hope not. As a humble citizen of Vancouver, I can't stand this guy. I've heard my share of unhappiness concerning his handling of the city organization around the games. He comes across as a complete tyrant - and his French is terrible, too.

I can't help but hope that he moves on to another Olympic city to help suppress people somewhere else.

Comments such as Furlong for mayor are typical of the short sightedness that has wrecked the NPA. Furlong is a businessguy not a politician and far from the benevolent kinda guy he is portrayed and him running would soon be worse then the situation we have now (and goodness knows this Mayor, Council and City Manager) is a non thinking, walking, lurching steaming pile that leaves disaster in its ideological haste.

Mayor McJuiceman is a waste of space as a mayor and his council and henchperson Ballem are not much better.

Until the NPA or some reasonable alternative that offers a resonable, balanced view of the City comes forward we are doomed to having more of shenanigans of the past year 1/2.

Furlong is NOT the answer. Reasonableness and common sense are.

I would like to personally thank John Furlong for battling all the adversities and bringing the "A" game to Vancouver. I think he and his VANOC crew deserve a standing O on an outstanding job. It's not an easy undertaking and for those who disagree, the only solution would've been for you all to step up to show what you really have. Criticisms have been unwarranted. Sure, it may have cost money to bring the Olympics here but think of the legacy and all the long-term benefits that would result from this.

I believe John Furlong showed more charisma and poise than our own Prime Minister! Congratulations, Mr. Furlong & VANOC. You made us Vancouverites proud! A big salute to you for your tireless efforts!

If I was John Furlong,why would I accept a demotion to Mayor? I rather think I would want a long vacation followed by a cushy Senate appointment...

This guy is a class act, when I saw him on the news last night at the airport thanking the staff I thought where did we find him? He is way too
classy for politics. He needs a vacation with his family and to make sure he toasts himself for a job well done.

I had the good fortune to hear John Furlong speak at several occasions. His ability to inspire is second to none. He shouldn't run for mayor, he should be appointed to be the new City Manager. He would not only inspire all levels of City staff, he would also create a trust that under the current administration is sadly lacking.

I am really disappointed that the paralympics got so very little media attention.and not on CTV.often enough. are those athletes not as important as the Olympic athletes. I just feel that it is discrimination.
I realize that there were not as many events but never the less just as important.

When is VANOC going to pay their sub-contractors as per their agreement? We have had a contract with VANOC stating that we get paid within 15 days of the closing ceremony of the main olympics. It is now March 22 and still no money. VANOC and John Furlong need to first finish up their accounts with Olympic Contractors before looking at the next job.

John Furlong did a great job of managing the Olympics. Today, almost a year later, he is being attacked by none other than Graham Fraser, a schill for French language interests, as we hear his chorus of whining that French was not given enough attention at the Games. The guy can't even be bothered to get the facts from Furlong before he goes on the attack. Canadians will see this attack for exactly what it is ~ just another Quebec-centric tantrum.

Check out!

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