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Two fans of meet Daniel & Mike during GlobalTV's interview

Given the countless hours we've devoted to producing our Where 2 Be for Free events guide, it's always good to pause and take a breath. The response has been overwhelming, with well over 50,000 page views yesterday alone! Your thanks is what keeps fueling our enthusiasm for this work, but there are just some responses which come in that knock us off our chairs. Take, for example, this note we received from a couple in Kelowna, BC...

We were just planning on staying in front of our big screen TV for the duration of the games - BUT. Now that we have viewed your site we are going to Abbotsford (& staying with relatives) for 3 days (17th - 19th) just to see the events. We will be using the Mission train & with your help will see as many sites as possible.


Yvonne & Charlie in Kamloops

Wow. It just doesn't get better than that for us here. We're also humbled by the great profile on us by GlobalTV's Linda Aylesworth.


thanks for great info on free olympic things to do. much more info than official olympic site. great job!!!!

I know you must have heard this thousands of times but here goes another....

Very well done and keep up the good work!!!!!!

Excellent job !! what a great way to get people involved and enthusiastic about the olympics.
Thanks for all the information.

You guys are getting us all into the spirit. Thanks for putting this guide together. It must have taken hundreds of hours of time. Why didn't the olympic officials or Vancouver think of doing this?

Check out!

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