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The fence in front of the LiveCity Yaletown stage collapses. Photo: CTV

The details are not clear yet, but commenters over at the Georgia Straight website are not being kind to organizers of last night's cancelled Alexisonfire concert held at LiveCity Yaletown. Some insist that the barriers erected to keep the crowd separated from the stage are inappropriate for the venue. Reports say that one concert-goer broke their leg in last night's melee (see photos). The Olympic cauldron story continues on Day Six, as the security forces seem to be running the show, not VANOC. The chain link barrier before the cauldron remains, but has been reportedly moved closer to the flame, with a small hole cut in it so you can poke your camera into the plaza.


I have just come off a night shift at the media center and they were working hard overnight moving the fence a lot closer, i have also been told they will allow people onto the ramp which goes up roof on the western part of the IBC, giving a great view of the cauldron. Expect long queues for that view tho...

Thanks, Adam. In your opinion could it be something other than chain link? I think one of the reasons people dislike the fence is the use of chain link fence.

I can't confirm it because i didn't go to see what they had done, but i think it's the same fence moved forward 30 ft.

this is the view from the ramp i was describing. As you can see there was no fence in shot (but ironically might be now they have moved it)


I think they will only let a certain number of people through, but again im not entirely sure how or when they will be doing this.

Well it's nice they decided to "move the fence closer and cut a hole in it"..however..the viewing deck you can now go to will only hold 150 people at a time and is only open until 5pm.Still Bullshit as far as I'm concerned.These games have been such a comedy of errors.

Mike Mc on Global evening news has a perfect solution to the fence problem. Mounties in red serge around the cauldron. Fantastic for picture taking. VANOC, are you listening?

That would look very nice! Right now it's just so plain over there..no garden,now shrubs or anything.

I went to see the new setup yesterday and the improvement is not much of an improvement at all. That ugly chain-link fencing is still everywhere, it's just missing the razor wire across the top.

I can't believe they put the cauldron on a beautiful public plaza, and then blocked access to the public. All this fencing is so unnecessary and makes the billion-dollar convention center look ugly. They should have put the Media Centre in a different location and left the public plazas, what few Vancouver has, open to the public. VANOC = FAIL!

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