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Saskatchewan House's Director of Marketing Trent Fraser gives us a first look

Wednesday was a wild ride for CityCaucus.com. In the morning I got up at 5am to get downtown with bells on to talk to Toronto TV audiences, doing a live interview via satellite at 6:30am for CP24 News. After getting back to write a couple of posts, Daniel and I then met up at an executive luncheon where we were the featured speakers, talking about Where 2 Be for Free and the power of viral marketing. After that we dashed off to Concord Place where we were to see Molson Canadian Hockey House along with a bunch of other media.

It was suggested that we take the opportunity to check out other pavilions on site. We had already visited and profiled Ontario House, so we thought we could have a closer look at Maison du Quebec and Saskatchewan House.

Maison du Quebec made a poor first impression on us both. First of all, on this rainy day we couldn't miss that the venue has no roof. Think Shakespeare at the Globe. There are walls on the outside, but a hole in the top you could drive a truck through. The stage sits there open to Vancouver's sometimes harsh damp weather. We know that many of the Live Sites are open air, but we don't know why Maison du Quebec thought audiences would welcome the elements at their "indoor" venue.

Things got awkward when a Maison du Quebec staffer told us to shut off our camera and to come back another time. Okay, sure. When? Well, the venue is really only open at noon according to the person who spoke to us. What's there? Well, the entertainment doesn't start until 5:30pm, but you can buy cheese and sweets from Quebec in the small commissary set up inside the facility.

We turned around and left Maison du Quebec. While it didn't seem like much was happening yet at its neighbour's – Saskatchewan House – we marched up to some folks and introduced ourselves anyway. What a difference to get a warm Saskatchewan greeting! Come on in, let's show you around!

Don't mistake Saskatchewan House as an über venue full of cutting edge technology like Coca-Cola's Happiness House, or even Ontario House's brainwave monitoring gadgetry. What you get is relatively simple here, but presented in an interesting and friendly manner. Saskatchewan's goal with their pavilion is to change stereotypes that they are merely Canada's flat, wheat producing province. There is a dynamic economy there, and great natural and human resources. Plus, you get that warmth that Saskatchewan is famous for.

Director of Marketing and Production Trent Fraser – seen above in the video – took the time to let us know what his venue is, and isn't. It's not overly high tech or flashy. But it will be a really nice place to eat a delicious Bison Burger with hundreds of other folks, while listening to the rockin' house bands, which begin at 3:00pm daily.

I know that Saskatchewan House is on my list to come back when it opens. You should try to visit it, too.

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