CTV weatherman forecasts fun times at 2010 free venues

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ctv weatherman
Marke says it will be partly sunny with a 100% chance of affordable fun for all

When he's not predicting the long-range forecast on CTV Vancouver, Marke Driesschen may well be planning which of the dozens of free attractions listed in our Where 2 Be for Free guide he plans to attend. Marke tells CityCaucus.com that LiveCity Yaletown is his top pick. Read on to find out which were his top three picks...

Marke says, "Here are the three venues I want to visit...

LiveCity Yaletown: I’m actually the stage MC for the opening and closing day of the 2010 Winter Olympics, Looks like a great place to take in a lot of activities in one location

Winterfest: Living on the North Shore…it’s easiest to get to!

Heineken House: I’ll have to visit at least once to keep my relatives and ancestors happy!"


still dont know where to go for free

@is beaucock

Are you going to the Wilco show? That's free


Here is the link to the other free stuff. Not hard to find. The giant link is at the top of the CityCaucus main page.


Part of having fun for free is doing the research ;)

Check out BCWineLover.com!

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