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Olympic Clock
A moment in time 00 11 11 11 11 – Olympic countdown clock photo by Michael Holmes

This photo of Vancouver's Olympic clock was sent to us by Vancouver blogger Kate Holmes. It was taken by her husband Michael. Send us your favourite Olympics images, photo sharing or video links and we'll feature them here for our audience trying to find Where 2 Be for Free at the Vancouver 2010 Games.

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Just wanted to thank you both for the excellent Where 2 Be For Free guide you have compiled and posted on the web. I just discovered this fantastic resource, after considerable frustration with not finding any comprehensive guide produced by governments or sponsors.

I have printed the guide for my easy reference (I plan to keep it close at hand for the next few weeks) and I have emailed the link to all my friends who also live in Vancouver so that they, too, can use it.

Again, many thanks.

Cambie St resident

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