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Le Steak frites is a specialty at Les Faux Bourgeois Bistro is thrilled to introduce Michelle Pereira, who will be providing restaurant suggestions for those who wish to dine well on a thin dime. Here's her first restaurant review for hungry Games guests...

More than 400,000 visitors will come to Vancouver to take in the Olympic Games. But this city has so much more to offer than just playing host to the events. From beautiful vistas to an amazing list of free events listed on this Blog, make sure you have a chance to experience the real Vancouver. And don’t forget to sample the local restaurants – Vancouver has some of the most culturally diverse food scenes anywhere on the planet. Over the next two weeks I’ll showcase some of my favourite restaurants, from small unassuming family places with great traditional cuisine at low prices to upscale fine-dining that rivals anything in New York, San Francisco, Paris or Hong Kong.

A few handy tips: Restaurants will add an additional 7% tax to the bill. You are expected to add a tip (about 15%) for sit-down meals. This amount is sometimes included in the bill for larger groups.

Let’s start with Au Petit Cafe ( a small Vietnamese café on Main St. near 33rd Ave. It's just about 10 minutes on foot from the Olympic Curling Centre venue at Hillcrest Park. The Vietnamese learned from the French how to bake a great baguette and Au Petite Café excels like no other in the city. These sandwiches are called Banh Mi and are the perfect combination of freshness, flavourful ingredients and crispy bread. My favourite is the #1 with home made ham, house meat balls, vegetables and hot peppers. Go early as there is often a long line-up at peak lunch time hours. The sandwiches are very portable and perfect for take-out on your way to an Olympic event. Best of all, you can call in to place an order. The sandwiches usually sell-out by 1pm so make sure you plan ahead.

Au Petite Café, 4851 Main St, Vancouver, 604-873-3328; 10am-7pm daily (Closed Wednesday); Lunch $6/person. Click for Google Map.

After a day out, have a fun, yet relaxing dinner at a great little French bistro Le Faux Bourgeois (, near Kingway and Fraser. This is a charming little place that will transport you to the Latin Quarter in Paris. You can’t go wrong with any of the classics. Start with a first course of tarte flambee Alsacienne, a caramelized onion puff pastry tart, crème fraîche, ricotta cheese and lardoons with a grape tomato salad; or the salade de chevre chaud, a roasted goat cheese crostini, walnuts, seasonal greens, beets drizzled with a  raspberry vinaigrette. For mains, look at the specials on the board, especially the fresh seafood choices. Alternatively, you can’t go wrong with the steak frites. There is a limited choice of desserts but they’re all great. RESERVATIONS are a must. If tables sell out the bar serves food – best times to arrive are 5:30pm & 7:15pm.

Les Faux Bourgeois, 663 E. 15th Ave, Vancouver, 604-873-9733; 5:30pm-midnight (Tuesday – Sunday); Dinner $35/person. Click for Google Map.

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CityCaucus has done well by introducing this new column, " ChowDown Vancouver" What a fantastic idea, and the prices fantastic.

I am Hooked, and looking forward to the daily posts .

kudos to Michelle for identifying this niche segment which will make our nights out enjoyable.

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