Brother Jake & Marty of Rock 101 tell you their 2010 picks

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jake marty on the roof
Martin Strong & Brother Jake Edwards of Classic Rock 101's morning team - click for larger

We've been talking to a lot of folks about what they're seeing, and reading some of the great comments (and just a few complaints!) here on What about the big fish though? The mile-high media personalities that make us laugh every morning like the Bro and the Stro on the Classic Rock 101 morning show? Well, we got a hold of the boys, and they were kind enough to let us know what they're loving about the Vancouver 2010 celebration...

The Rock 101 House: "Classic Rock has taken over the Media Club at West Georgia and Cambie (695 Cambie). It’ll be open during the games from 11am to 2am and is right in the middle of everything, especially if you’re coming to and from GM Place. Outside, there’s a heated and covered area we call the lounge and inside Rock 101 House there’s a bunch of TV’s and couches to watch all the events. It’s a relaxed, social atmosphere and should be a lot of fun. You can sign our big wall and we’ll even take your photo (we even have a Mountie uniform you can wear for that). If you’re from out of town we can send that photo to the folks back home right from there. Best of all, Rock 101 will be broadcasting live every day between 7pm and midnight so you can see just how good looking we all are."

Public Art: "One of the great things about the games is all the public art that’s been installed throughout the city. It’s all right there and there’s no lineups to see it. If your walking around anywhere near the games keep an eye out for some weird and wonderful stuff. Some of Marty’s faves include “The Drop” sculpture at The Convention Centre, The “Water Sky Garden” at the Olympic Oval in Richmond, the big “East Van Cross,” on Clark Drive and of course the Vancouver Art Gallery’s new exterior look (the free admittance during the games is pretty good too)."

The Royal Canadian Mint: "We think this one is a must-see even if there’s a bit of a lineup. The One Million Dollar gold coin is fun and very impressive (far too heavy to shoplift mind you) but when you see those actual Olympic medals you’ll get an idea of what this entire exercise is all about. And since this is about as close as the two of us will ever get to grabbing the gold, we recommend checking out the Royal Canadian Mint (Granville and Pender)."

Thanks, guys. Stayed tuned to for more great info about pavilions, and our images and videos of Vancouver 2010, Where 2 Be for Free!

1 Comment

That million dollar gold coin is too heavy to shoplift, you say. I guess Svend Robinson will be crossing that pavillion off his list.

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