Blink and you'll miss golden month of Olympic freebies, says Nagel

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Fontaine-Klassen OlyTram editors Fontaine and Klassen pose for a media photo

Intrepid Surrey Newsleader reporter Jeff Nagel (one of the hardest working urban beat reporters in Metro Vancouver) interviewed as part of a major profile they published this week. The story focused on all the free events taking place leading up to and during the Olympic Games. You can read the story online by clicking here or picking up your local Black Press newspapers throughout Metro Vancouver.

You'll notice there are two YouTube playlists (one of performers who are coming to free stages, one of free sites/pavillions) that are embedded in the story. If you would like to suggest more YouTube video links that either show the free venues or acts coming to Metro, you do so by tweeting @jeffnagel or commenting below this post or his story. We're advised he'll add more videos to those playlists as they're suggested to him.

1 Comment

Hi Daniel,

I listen to you every week with Bill Good. Great job that you and your colleagues have done putting together the free/low cost Olympic events. I really appreciate the work.

Check out!

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