A victim of winds, the giant Canadian flag "almost" came down

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Crews start taking down the giant Canadian flag at Georgia & Howe
Crews repairing the giant Canadian flag at Georgia & Howe

Damaging winds have wreaked havoc on the massive Canadian flag on the corner of Georgia Street & Howe. Next to the Olympic cauldron, I don't think I've seen more people stopping to pose in front of anything as much as this flag. UPDATE: It looks like the flag is being repaired. We saw quite a bit of it down this afternoon, and folks working nearby said it was being removed. If anyone knows if the status changes, please let us know.


Looks like they repaired it.

Good, I love that flag.

The winds didn't damage it. It had "Fu*k 2010" cut out of that top corner.

Oh gawd. That figures. What barbarians.

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