2010 vectorial elevation light display has wow factor

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Organizers of the Vectorial light display begin testing the equipment over English Bay - Photo courtesy of Eos Lightmedia

If you haven't read our write up about the Vectorial Elevation Light Display, you should. This is going to be one of the more interesting public displays taking place every evening in Vancouver. This photo was taken as the light show was being testing a few nights ago. The effect simply wouldn't be the same without Vancouver's infamous low cloud deck.


Wow, it really is quite amazing. Looking forward to the show each night when I will be near downtown. Very creative!!!

Should look awesome - looking forward to it.

"Excessive light pollution"

LOL. You have got to be kidding. You have absolutely got to be joking. A few weeks of a spectacular light show in celebration of the Olympics, and you call it "light pollution"?

Don't worry, you can have your dark, grey skies back in March. Unbelievable.

Aurora Borealis you're not. Your name sounds like an old grumpy grandma.

Vectorial's Secret is Awesome....

We were sitting eating fondue at the Swiss Hause (a.k.a. Bridges Restaurant, Granville Island) looking out over the water (at all the passing marine security boats) towards Sunset Beach and Burrard Bridge when we spotted the shafts of light and the bright round spots on the low lying clouds hovering above the West End (my 'hood).

They seem to be synchronized by computer to transition into various patterns, dynamic and static. The Beach Avenue 'christmas trees' are still ablaze in their multi-coloured stings of little light bulbs. The port and starboard hand bouys, sentinels marking the entrance to False Creek flash their incessant green and red.

Picture Perfect!

What time does this light display begin?

I loved this display. I spent a whole evening on the beaches of Stanley Park watching in amazement.

Silent beauty dwarfing the city, Awesome!

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