2010 pin trading centre a busy hub of activity

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2010 Olympic visitors are asked to place a pin to indicate where they're from

Our family headed into Vancouver yesterday to soak up the sunshine, spring like temperatures and the Olympic spirit. We decided to make our way to the Coca Cola pin trading centre located at the HBC building downtown. It was a real hub of activity and my son was just thrilled by it. It was great to speak with the pin traders as most of them have been to a number of previous Olympic Games. To ensure your kids have fun, make sure you have at least 10 or so pins for them to get started - then let the trading begin!

The pin trading centre we visited is co-located with the Olympic superstore, which was extremely busy yesterday. Thousands of people grabbing everything they could off the shelves and charging it up on their Visa. Recession? What recession?

Several other pin trading centres will be open during the Games including at the airport and CTV headquarters. This is in addition to all the "independent" pin traders who are currently all over Vancouver's busier streets.

Try putting a few interesting pins on your coat or scarf and you may just find it opens up a new world of dialogue with someone you've never met with before. For a good top 10 list of the best pin trading hotspots, check out the Pacific Pin Club website by clicking here. If you want to check out some photos CityCaucus.com took on Saturday, Feb 6th at the pin trading centre, click here.

Some of the other cool things about the trading centre downtown location include:

  • You can get your photo taken with the official Olympic torch
  • You can check out the pin wall to see where people are coming from to visit Vancouver

I'd encourage everyone to check out the pin trading centres if you want to learn a bit more about the Olympics and have a bit of fun.


Impressive pin collection. Maybe I should break out my expo 86 pins.

I have a full box of EXPO 86 pins from when I worked there. They're in a drawer somewhere. Wondering if I should head down there with them, or just keep them for old times sake?

Hello Miken,
I’m collector of pins of Expo Vancouver 86, Expo Brisban 88, Expo Sevilla 92, Expo Lisbon 98, Expo Hannover 2000, Expo 2005 Aichi, Expo Zaragoza 2008 and Expo 2010 Shanghai.
I have a lot of repeated pins of these Expo. If you are interesed in change pins of any Expo I could send you an scan with my repeated pins and you could send me your ones. So we could change them.I can also buy their pins if I am missing in my collection
My address is:

Manuel Arquillo Torres
Avenida Gaudí 34, 3º-2ª
08025 Barcelona


Thanks in advance.

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