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michael j fox
Ladies and gentlemen, Michael J. Fox

Okay, hear me out folks. Many of you will say, what does an actor in many peoples' where are they now? folder have to do with Vancouver's Games?

Michael J. Fox of Burnaby, British Columbia is a homeboy who made good. Not an amazing athlete, not the greatest actor who walked the face of the Earth, but someone whom we should embrace. He's BC's Mary Pickford. Someone who left our shores to become, for a time, the biggest box office star the world knew. Then Michael succumbed to Parkinson's, and used his big heart to advocate for change.

There has been a lot of discussion about who should carry the flame into BC Place and light the cauldron. I've heard all the names – the mother of Terry Fox, Betty; or Wayne Gretzky, arguably our greatest athlete. While Betty might feel honoured that she can carry the flame for her son's incredible accomplishment, I don't think she feels that she could represent Terry. Gretzky is deserving, but he's an Alberta Ontario boy.

These are BC's Games. Alberta, Quebec have hosted them before, but this is our time. Michael Fox might not seem like a hero to some, but to me he's always been the Burnaby boy who made good. He went to Burnaby Central High School. He wasn't probably an exceptional student, but he could hold the attention of a room through force of personality. He wasn't the big man on campus, he was just a little guy who made people laugh.

Now Michael has an illness that he is determined to fight, and he's made it his life's work. Does he represent well? You bet.

Not only that, he's famous. The Olympic Games are a big show. With NBC as the lead broadcaster there are magnificent dollars on the line to get good ratings. Michael J. Fox – with his exceptional Q Rating – has a compelling story that will tug at the heartstrings of people of all ages, around the world. Funny how having a TV show in permanent syndication, and a billion dollars worth of box office can do that.

I read this charming interview with Michael Fox on VancouverIsAwesome.com. Mike comes across just as the same Burnaby boy he always was. I used to hang with guys who knew him back in the day. While I'm sure there are many who won't agree, I think Michael should be the last guy to carry the torch. It just makes sense.


I agree, Michael J. Fox should carry the torch last to BC place. His determination to fight Parkinson's is in no way different to the determination of an athlete who strives for the Gold!

I disagree. Lighting the Olympic torch is always given to someone who achieved the best in their particular sports. This being the Winter Olympic, it will be someone who competes in winter related sport. I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of those hockey gods.

Great Idea!! Absolutely, he should be last to carry the torch!!

(Just a P.S..... Wayne Gretzky is an Ontario boy from Brantford)

Mike - I think Michael J. Fox is great - but he became an American citizen! There's no way he can represent Canada!

Wasn't the torch bearer in Calgary's Olympics a 12 year old girl? I don't think she had achieved much as an athlete by then. I suspect another Fox will at least make it into the stadium. That would be Betty Fox. I think Michael is a top three contender. Whomever they chose, the American TV audience will have to recognize them...so this limits the pool of candidates.

Michael J. Fox is a great idea.He represents everything positive about Canada and he is from here. The Olympics are about being the best you can be. Who better represents overcoming obstacles to be such a wonderful representative of what could be the good in everyone.

sorry, mike, but it's either gretzky or rick hansen. i'd give it to steve fonyo and have him running through the downtown eastside lighting peoples' glass pipes with it, but i am in a minority for that bold vision.

it's gonna be hansen.

Sorry, Mike, I don't agree either! Nor do I agree with Gretzky....Hansen yes, but I gather he's already done...

Fox could stand as a symbol of a person doing their best to overcome a personal set back, as could Hansen, Gretzky maximized his athletic skill at both the professional and amateur level. Its good for people just to be talking about this...I'm glad this is someone else's call

Betty Fox should be lighting the flame. Her son did more for this nation then anybody mentioned.

I would like to see Betty Fox--maybe light it with Michael Fox!

Honestly, if Betty Fox lights that cauldron on behalf of Terry, all is forgiven, Gordo! There would not be a dry eye in the house. What a way to have Vancouverites embrace the Games---one of our own, globally known and recognized as a force for good (the Terry Fox run still bringing in multi-millions for cancer research each year)---even amongst those who never saw him struggle during his too brief life.

We don't use the word "hero" in these parts very easily. However, you won't find anyone from the Lower mainland who would deny he is one.

As for Hansen, he is running in Richmond. Gretzky, meh, I'd rather see Bobby Orr.

However...it could well be someone who is completely unknown, perhaps a native person as part of the deal to have the 4 First nations support the Games.

Is it just me, or doesn't anyone else want to see a time travelling flying DeLorean light up the torch? :o)

I truly feel that Michael should be the only choice for being the final person to carry the torch-I Believe!!

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