Vancouver's global warming Olympics

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Is this the future of winter sport? Soviet engineers in the '60s thought so

It's a beautiful sunny day in Vancouver today, and a balmy 10 degrees celcius. VANOC have done a pretty good job of spinning the El Niño story so we're not all worrying about how we can hold a Winter Games without the winter part.

Two years ago I mused whether we were prepared for a global warming Olympics. I had found a fantastic online repository of old Soviet engineering magazines with fantastical covers of "the future." This one above grabbed me the most because it was so outrageous.

A skier stripped to the waist (very aerodynamic!) blazing down the artificial slopes while the alpine surrounding him was bare of any signs of winter. It's one of those artificial environments, like massive wave pools or giant shopping malls that help us to forget we live on planet Earth.

I guess the point is that someday we won't fret about muddy slopes on Cypress, because science and engineering always comes to the rescue. And keep driving because electric cars – complete with the parking stall plug-ins Vision Vancouver have approved for condos! – are coming and our carbon footprint will become a thing of the past.

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