Vancouver the mildest city to ever host an Olympic Games

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Environment Canada breaks it down – will the weather behave for the 2010 Games?

It would appear that dozens of professionally-designed and homemade Olympic inspired videos are beginning to pop up all over the blogosphere. If you're into meteorology like me, you may just enjoy this short one produced by Environment Canada. It helps to provide you with a quick snapshot of how the weather folks are preparing for their new Olympic-related reporting. With the warm temps of late on Cypress Mountain, we'll all be watching the weather forecast a bit closer in the coming days. Here's hoping we have cooler temps and dropping freezing levels.


Pemberton is a little outside the metro area but so is Whistler. Pemberton´s new community centre is a Live Site starting Feb 12th too.

Are there any more Live Sites in the province, that may not have been widely publicized. Can´t seem to find anything at all on the net. I had heard at one time that Sechelt was to have one. Guess not.

Thank you.

PS This citycaucus website is outrageous. Phenomenal. We need a site like that over here.

@Susan. If you are looking for activities in various communities, there isn't a full list that we're aware of. You should Google "spirit of BC"...then add the name of the community you are looking for. You may well find this will bear some fruit.

Check out!

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