Vancouver City Hall facing free Olympic ticket purchase brouhaha

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Mayor Gregor Robertson says that the big bucks on free tix will be worth it

It wouldn't be like us to completely abandon the politics of Vancouver's Games while we line up to promote the heck out of them. On Wednesday night GlobalTV caught up with Mayor Gregor Robertson on the matter of Olympics tickets being purchased for members of city council and, in select cases, their spouses. The Mayor seems to be a loss for words on why they were spending nearly $400,000, when no one else in Metro Vancouver even came close to that amount.


Big tax increases, staff layoffs, service reductions and now this?! It's an insult to the citizens of Vancouver.

My opinion is that I support the Mayor getting tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and I would include his spouse too for show, as he is representing the city, but not the councilors nor their spouses even though they will probably say they are doing the same. For the city councilors who are accepting tickets, I would ask this question and I realize that it is a trapping question. The issue of queue jumping aside, would you accept these level of tickets (one or both) if you had to pay for it out of your own pockets? Following up to that would be if yes, would you be willing to donate that equivalent of money to the charity of your choice.

Next question would be what I feel that Mayor Watts alluded to. Mayor Robertson is for lack of a better word the figurehead representing our city. As for the councilors, what type of business do you hope to accomplish during the opening and closing ceremonies? What role will your spouse have in facilitating that job? (Mayor Robertson didn't answer the question, at least not what aired in the interview above) Mayor Watts feels that there are more appropriate venues to accomplish the role that you were elected to and that is the right mentality.

Do I fully understand how politics works? Probably not enough. Do the elected officials deserve rewards for their work? Probably so. I guess my beef is, if it's going to be a perq, call it a perq. Come election time these things will be remembered and the votes will tell the story.

Very impressive how Gregor moves from giggling schoolboy in the photo op to Mr "Time to Look Serious" in the interview. He is most at home as giggling schoolboy - which I guess makes him the perfect NDP leader.
Compared to Dianne Watts he's a limp noodle.

These people are supposed to be serving the citizens, not getting free perks. Shame on them. This bumbling, incompetent City Hall is a joke.

My audio is not functioning so I had to read lips. This is what I've got from the lips of Gregor The Mayor:
"Shut up! Are you serious? Your tricycle got stolen too? Wait a minute, wait a minute, where are my free red mittens? We need to bring some sponsors in here. Pronto. Hey, Solo can you deliver?
...Sorry, got to go now, snack time. Egg salad and tuna mayo tricorncycles, damn it, know, triangle shaped sandvichlysess,sorry I've got to go"

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