The Sullivan Sun ad: right wing conspiracy or message to Gregor?

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The Vancouver Sun mailed thousands of postcards to homes featuring this classic cover

When I checked my mail today something dropped out of the pizza shop flyers that was completely unexpected. It was a 6x9" postcard of Sam Sullivan's famous front page shot from the Vancouver Sun, an image shared around the world by international media, and taken during the indisputable high point of Sam Sullivan's poll numbers while in government – only three months in office.

For a split second I thought that the NPA was behind this, and had pulled the wool over our eyes and launching their first salvo in a comeback attempt. No such luck however – I turned the card over and the other side was a pitch for a Vancouver Sun subscription.

For those who pay attention to these things, you may have heard we've got a new government at City Hall. Sam Sullivan has moved on from public life, and there's a new sheriff in town. So it was indeed an odd choice for the folks at Canwest to be widely circulating a not-unsubstantial semi-gloss finish postcard with a very flattering shot of the former Mayor of Vancouver.

Or maybe it wasn't. I live in East Vancouver, which you may think is full of latté-swilling radicals in Che Guevera t-shirts, but Sam was well thought of in several communities including on this side of town. Considering that the Sun could have used a stock shot of Gregor carrying the flame off the plane in Victoria a few months back instead, maybe there's something to be read into here.

Was this, as Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight or might insist, a conspiracy by conservatives at Canwest? Was this idea cooked up in a smoke-filled backroom at the Terminal City Club over tumblers of 25-year old scotch to soften up the electorate for a swing to the right?

Or was this a shot across the bow for Vision Vancouver and their teflon leader, aka Gregor the Green? Were Canwest hinting that Vancouver's cute and cuddly Mayor couldn't sell papers?

It's most likely the latter, which is why we're hearing that Vision are just a little peeved at the newspaper publisher today.

There are those who will pine for February 2006, when we were younger, had fewer grey hairs, drank less, and good ol' Sam was the man to beat. And thanks to the Vancouver Sun's ad campaign we can all ride that time machine for just a moment.


On another note, the shot of reporter Jeff Lee on the Sun cover reminded me that the paper's lead Olympics reporter has posted some interesting commentary on whether reporters running in the Olympic Torch Relay is a conflict. You can check that post out here.


How does Vision or the mayor think they are in any position to put up a fuss? They weren't exactly cheerleaders for the games.

If mayor moonbeam can thumb his nose at GM and Air Canada, favouring instead the optics of snuggling up to Mitsubishi and Virgin, I can't see anything wrong with a Vancouver paper running with the image of any mayor they like.

And I look forward to seeing those Vision hypocrites indulging in the festivities.

They have started to indulge already,by closing down during the Games.

You've got to fight for the right-to paaaaaaarty.

Oh the good old days. Gregor is so bad that he's actually making Sam look better every day. I don't think our green mayor will get anywhere near the publicity the last one did with the olympics. What kind of inpirational story will he have to tell? Lived on a farm. Mommy and daddy helped to buy him a juice company. He got a job as an NDP MLA and quit before his term was done. Got elected as mayor and first thing out the gate rips up front lawn to plant a farm-like vegetable garden. Oh yeah, I think the major american tv networks will want to profile his story alright. The view, oprah, ellen d geneneres will all want our cute mayor on. NOT!

I like the photo. It's a good one.

Let's all enjoy the games.

who cares about Sma anymore ?
oh yea; this blog

Apparently you do enough, davey, to comment about him.

listen to understanding the occult on blog talk radio!

I'm wondering what the world will think when it comes to Vancouver next month and no Sam. From a mayor who could speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Punjabi, and Italian, with an inspiring personal story, to a mayor whose claim to fame is great hair.

As Sillyhall says, not exactly inspiring. All thanks to 80 or so NPA members.

Oh yeah. What ever happened to Peter Ladner? Is he working hard behind the scenes to rebuild the party he helped to destroy? Where are all of his westside henchmen now? I've heard he's fallen off the radar after he was rejected by voters. So much for loyalty to the NPA. You can fault Sullivan for a lot, but not for a lack of loyalty to his party. The fact Ladner packed up his bags after he lost and move out of the house is shameful.

I think Mayor Robertson, along with Premier Campbell and Prime Minister Harper, make excellent representatives for the Olympics.

Smug, privileged, self righteous, groomed like poodles, words which inspire the new range of Olympic mascots, Greggy, Gordy and Harpy.

These can be accessorised with a transit ticket for Greggy, a Martini bottle for Gordy ( if that's OK with the trademark police ) and an insurance policy for Harpy, RBC of course.

And all teflon coated so nothing ever sticks!

check out the dead man musings conspiracy forum!

Check out!

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