Switching Gears for the Games: a notice to our faithful readers

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The Salt Building at the Olympic Athlete's Village in blue light. 2010VanFan photo

Dear CityCaucus.com readers,

The city that we love and that we make our home in is about to undergo an amazing experience. We don't think any of us really know what the next several weeks will be like for Metro Vancouver, but without question it will be exciting, exhilarating and full of surprises. Our city will be changed by the Games.

We've been writing and working hard over the last 14 months since we launched CityCaucus.com. It, too, has had more than a few unexpected moments. On a lark we decided to create a page that listed free places to visit during the 2010 Games about six weeks ago. It has since become our obsession.

We are seeing web traffic that has surpassed our wildest expectations, and even caused our site to crash a couple of times (we think we've fixed that problem). We think that 50,000 page views per day is not unachievable in the weeks to follow. Therefore, we think it's time to shift gears for a bit, and focus 100% of our energy on Vancouver's Games.

So, from today forward until the flame goes out at the end of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, we will be devoting ourselves solely to the subject of the 2010 Games, and in particular free events.

We hope that our regular readers won't mind the diversion for the next month. We think that it's going to be a lot of fun, and we hope that you will also share the spirit of the Games as it descends over our city.

Thanks for joining us for the ride.

- The Folks at CityCaucus.com


Great news!

Thanks. I've pointed quite a few people your way myself, and I'll be checking in often. Much Appreciated - and Good Job!

This if fantastic. I love your regular work, but am thrilled you will be focusing on the Games for the next few weeks. This will be THE site to visit!! Thanks for pulling this all together. Look forward to your reports.

Good idea. People are looking for this information and it's great that you provided it. I also appreciate the fact that the unsuspecting will not be subject to partisan rants against political foes.

Thanks for putting this site together. I have been searching for this information for awhile on the web and on the phone. VANOC didn't even direct me to your site?!? So thanks again for all the info.

My daughter just forwarded me to your site and I will be checking in daily. While many grumble about the Olympics, justifiably or not, if you look at it from a broader perspective, how lucky are we to get to be part of a world phenomenon?

I could be a grump about it too, we applied to represent the Olympic Store on our site 8 months ago - and what better site to do so as we are from Vancouver, but the powers that be said no.

But I choose to be positive about it, as I cheer for Canada and turn a dreary February into an exciting one.

Wow, well done, Michael (and Daniel, and everybody else at CC Tower I haven’t met!0. I’ve been forwarding your Guide far and wide and all my Olympic guests are getting printed copies the minute they arrive on my doorstep..

Amazing, isn’t it, that apparently it didn’t occur to anyone at Tourism Vancouver, the City’s Olympic ‘Secretariat’, or any of those other government agencies to do something this useful!

Great stuff. You guys are leaders.

Citycaucus.com could make a major contribution to the Metro region's green program. All Mike has to do is shut down the 15 floors he rents in the Citycaucus.com tower and also relinquish the required parking spaces downtown. His staff could then telecommute and Bingo, problem solved!

Ha! Thanks, Bob. We can always count on you for a reality check! We'll definitely be dimming the lights as it were while we check out the free events.

Thanks to everyone else for their great feedback!

No doubt on behalf of thousands of Vision Vancouver supporters, I want to thank City Caucus.com for shutting down their political operations and focusing on the Olympics only! Well done and consider continuing this approach after the Olympics as well! Go Canada go!

Bill...keep on dreamin. Rest assured, after the Games are over our team of investigative reporters and contributors will be right back at it!! We'll continue to break stories from city hall just like we were before the Olympics came to town.

But for now, perhaps the Mayor and his team can breathe a little easier knowing that they won't have CityCaucus.com reporting on the various foibles of city hall for a few weeks. That said, after the Games our FOI machine will be cranked up checking out how much all those taxpayer funded parties and private functions cost city taxpayers!!

Have a great Games and enjoy as many of the free venues as you can! It should be fun.

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