Surrey Mayor lands in controversy over home-based business

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Dianne Watts is remaining mum regarding the controversy whether members of her family ran a home-based business out of her home without a permit

The Georgia Straight is reporting that Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts it caught up in a controversy regarding whether members of her family ran a business out of her home without a City issued license. According to the Straight, they are investigating how long a business known as Pro-Line Fittings Inc has been operating out of the Mayor's home. The company applied for a business permit in June 2009. According to the Straight the business:

operated from her home address for an undetermined period of time without a municipal licence

Watts told Rattan Mall over at the Indo-Canadian Voice that any questions regarding the company should be directed to her spouse:

Well, you know what, it’s not my business, so if you want to talk to my husband, you can go right ahead and do that.

Despite Watts' comments to the Voice, It is now being reported the business is actually not owned by Watts' husband at all. Rather, the Straight reports that Ron Watts (her brother-in-law) actually owns the company while Linda Watts works in marketing and Travis Watts works in shipping-and-receiving.  Now that it's been revealed that Watt's husband doesn't own the company, the Mayor is declining further comment on this emerging business license controversy.

If Watts doesn't want this to turn into a full blown PR nightmare, she'd be well advised to quickly gather her communications staff and begin speaking to the media - pronto. Letting this issue fester over the coming weeks will only beg more questions and possibly a lot more negative press.

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excellent article guys,please follow up on this story because i'm sure her highness mayor watts hopes this story dies quickly!now we know why illegal suites are running rampant in surrey [over 20,000 to date] and council dithers on what to do about it!as a single family homeowner in surrey i am sick and tired of subsidizing homeowners of illegal suites and businesses and the tax free dollars they collect at my expense.i pay your salary watts,either clear up the issue or quit!

Yep, major scandal going on in Surrey.

I'm surpirsed that you didn't mention Barinder Rasode, one of Watt's Surrey First councillors, who apparently has eyes on the Surrey-Green Timbers New Democrat nomination to replace incumbent Sue Hammell.

Rasode was also a former member of the centre-left Surrey Civic Coalition.

She has also committed a no-no by having an illegal seconday suite in her home.

In the end frankly, much a brouhaha about nothing.

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