Sam Sullivan to "Ziptrek" above Robson Square Olympic pavilion

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A ride down the Ziptrek ride in downtown Vancouver could raise $6,500 for a BC charity assisting people with disabilities

The last time he did anything with the Olympics it gained him international notoriety. His flag twirl at the 2006 Torino Winter Games captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide. Former Mayor Sam Sullivan may be out of politics now, but he hasn’t lost his sense of charity and adventure. What else could explain why he’s decided to climb the new Ziptrek tower installed at Robson Square for the Olympics and slide down to street level. has learned that Sullivan is in discussions with Ziptrek Ecotours to determine how they can get a quadriplegic to participate in their unique ride. The event is being organized to support the BCMOS Wilderness Access Program. Sullivan hopes to raise $6,500 in pledges to purchase a new Trailrider, which he will then use in his Ziptrek ride. After the event, Sullivan plans to donate the Trailrider so it is available to other people with disabilities seeking access to BC's back country.

The Trailrider is a one-wheeled all-terrain wheelchair (a cross between a rickshaw and a wheel barrow) which assists people with disabilities to reach otherwise inaccessible places. Sullivan and Paul Cermack of the Tetra society co-invented the Trailrider in 1995. In 2007, Sullivan used the Trailrider to climb the Rocky Mountains. Several other people with disabilities have used it to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and reach the base of Mount Everest.

“I heard they were setting up a Ziptrek adventure in the heart of Vancouver only a few blocks from my home,” says Sullivan. “I’ve been known to take a few risks in my day, so I thought zipping down at dizzying speeds on a rope over Robson Square might just be a bit of fun. Especially if it ends up helping other disabled people in BC.”

Sullivan will also be using the Trailrider as he carries the 2010 Olympic Torch on Feb 12th.  He will be aided by expert Sherpas Alex Blodgett and Bob Faulkner, both of whom previously helped Sullivan climb several BC mountains.

If you would like to donate to help Sullivan meet his target, contact BCMOS by clicking here.

He may not be handing over the flag to the Mayor of Sochi, Russia, but it looks like Citizen Sam has found out that life after politics can actually be a lot more fun. And a bit more charitable too!


who cares . Sam is a has been with no relevance

Gosh davey you're a nasty person. I notice whenever anything is written on this blog about sullivan you're the first to pipe in and you always have the same thing to say. We know you don't like sullivan so just give it a rest why don't you. There are some of us who actually like the guy and don't mind reading about him. the same with larry campbell or philip owen. do you just wake up grumpy? Or do you have to work at it?

We can always count on that kid davey for some witty perspective, huh?

Good on Sam. Top that, Bubble Boy.

No relevance! Tell that to the persons with disabilities who get to sail beautiful English Bay thanks to Sam's Disabled Sailing Association and hike the Lower Mainland's wilderness areas thanks to Sam's BCMOS. Add to that his work in securing more accessible taxicabs, access to the Granville Skytrain Station, and in elevating the exposure of the Paralympics by flying their flag with the Olympic flag.

I suggest he has more relevance to Vancouver then you do davey g

I sailed with Sam back in '92 @ Jericho
where are his policies now ?
accomplishments amount to big debt for homeowners to pay
do nothing Mayor
treat his employees with disdain n lie to them
see the trees from the forest

Do nothing! More social housing under his tenure than any other mayor since the co-op housing days.

"...His flag twirl at the 2006 Torino Winter Games captured the imagination of millions of people worldwide...."

It did? Like who?

Sam twirling the flag - I believed that was overshadowed by that ridiculous ice fishing, ice building performance at the closing ceremony in Torino.
Sam was only a mayor for 2005-2008 which clearly shows that he is not a good leader.
He wants people to raise $6500 so he can buy a new Trailrider and use it to ziptrek and donate it afterwards, the latter is fine but the purpose of raising money is not to benefit for yourself.
Sorry Sam but you had your flag twirling fame, move on.

Perhaps a good leader of the wrong party. It was his environmental leadership and progressive social policies that lost him the nomination. Remember it was the NPA who rejected him not Vancouver voters.

Check out!

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