Getting pumped about Vancouver's Games

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This video by Mitch Kenyon really shows how excited he is about 2010

We're getting emails from folks who want to share their photos and videos, and when we can we'll feature them here on our 2010 Free Events Guide page. This video above was sent to us by Mitch Kenyon, who has already traveled around the city to check out some of the sites listed here, and created a really spirited look at what we can all look forward to. Watching this should get a lot of us pumped about Vancouver's Games!


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your Olympics info site! All the info about the country houses and pavillions and things going on in our city is so helpful! And love the option to add a comment so we can see how people liked them, get tips etc.

Awesome job!!

This is FANTASTIC! Have you tried to find this kind of information about the free venues on the VANOC site?? – brutal.

Check out!

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