Haunting time lapse YouTube video of Vancouver now viral

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An HD time-lapsed video of Vancouver that we first posted on CityCaucus.com a few days ago has gone completely viral. A few days ago there were only 3000 or so views. Today, there are over 108,000 views and growing exponentially. With the eyes of the world about to focus on Vancouver, this video helps to remind locals of just how beautiful our city is.

For international travelers making plans to visit the city, it's a great way to get that Olympic spirit. Singer Linda Ganzini made an appearance on Global TV's Early News this morning to help explain what inspired her to work on the project. David and Dan Newcomb (twin brothers) actually filmed all the haunting shots of Vancouver by day and night. This YouTube video is now being sent around the world and it's a great postcard for Tourism Vancouver! And it didn't cost them a penny.

On a side note, our site crashed temporarily yesterday under the weight of so many visits after Global TV featured us on their supper hour newscast. The finally tally was 27,800 page views yesterday and growing daily. Thanks for spreading the word through Facebook and Twitter...it's helping to raise awareness of all the free events and venues around town!


Linda interview on Global this morning

Go here


Select the "8AM News Update Icon.

FF to 9:00 minute mark.

Good stuff

Even better . go here and buy some of their music.


And I say start a campaign to make this Vancouver's Official Song . . like she suggests at the end of the interview.

You guys have the reach . . . I'll vote for it . . .

The clip is well done. Seen it done before but hey, it's creative, tricky, good editing. Good job!

However as far as the notion that some faraway traveler is going to be enamored with our city, based on this, is completely silly. Laughable to be more exact.
If you still believe in it after reading my post, well, you must be living in a time lapsed video too!

Friends of mine from five different European countries, with tradition in winter sports, have no interest whatsoever in this Vancouver - Whistler Games!

One to whom I talked this past Tuesday just came back from a family weekend of skiing in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. They believe in participating in the sports they love and not watching from the sides while costing them dearly.
Better check the world stage before inflating the facts and go easy on the propaganda, you'll get heartburn. Sure, it might get you some freebies, see if I care, but do you think it's worthy in the long run?
When all this Olympic boo-boo is going to burst in all our faces in a short time after, what will be your best excuse?
Just saying.

This is a postcard.Nice,but with this kind of technique you could make Hoboken,New Jersey look great.Talented people are behind it-no doubt. Anywhere near the real or relevant Vancouver?Not even close. It's a gossamer dream-but I like it for that,too...

That is a marvelous video and brings back good memories of my vacation.

We love this video and put it on Facebook for all to enjoy. We will also email it to our friends.

Higgins, this is a local blog and if you don't like the Olympic stuff, don't read it. You can go play with your euro-friends and ignore us all.

All that's missing is the Zamfir...

Hey Mark,
The thing is I live here too, buddy! OK?
A local blog that spreads the pixie dust on the rest of the Vancouverites that have no other choice but to put up with it...wow, that's cool.
And by the way, the BS propagandists like yourself are to high on Olympic Spirit in order to be able to make a judgment call.
On the other hand if you are a pimpled 14 years old with no friends sitting in front of your computer looking at Red Mittens & logo, than I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
Yes, I'll go play with my Euro-friends, this coming summer, so I'm wondering,to what Olympic Spirit detox center should I send you a card to?

I'm sorry, my english is to poor, to understand all the words. The translation of google is absolutely inacceptable, is total nonsens! But the pictures are wonderful,I ave been in Vancouver in 1996, and I did not remember that it was so nice!Congratiolationes to the fotografer!
Erik Flemmich

This is a great ad for Vancouver but why film the city at night all the time and too much cloud scenery.

Check out my time lapse of a Toronto sunset and sunrise


Higgins - Wow! You assumed so much! What is it like having clairvoyance? Does it iterfere with the terminal negativity? I hope life gets better for you some day. Cheers!

3 days to the Olympics!!!

See if we can get a half million Youtube hits on this amazing video! I think it´s at 140,000+ now. Post it on your Facebook! Just bought the music and love it too. www.youtube.com/InnerLifeProject

Just love this and makes me so proud to live here!!

Very beautiful. Time lapse captures what the eye cannot see any other way. Nice selection of images, locations, time periods all set to well paced musical rhythms.

Love it. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks to Jason Upton of Aedis Appraisals, Vancouver, for sharing this video with his friends, both in Vancouver and abroad. Vancouver is a very beautiful and promising place to be!


Check out BCWineLover.com!

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