Gregor Robertson snubs another Olympic sponsor

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Gregor Robertson Mitsubishi i Miev
Olympic sponsor General Motors was given a pass by Mayor Robertson as he decided to drive a competitor's electric vehicle during the Games instead

Earlier this week we reported that Mayor Gregor Robertson had snubbed Air Canada, an Olympic sponsor, by hooking his wagon to Virgin Air owner Richard Branson. By doing so, the Mayor unwittingly provided the British-based airline with a big opportunity to undertake some ambush marketing during the Games.

That story triggered a little brown envelope which made its way through our mail slot. We've been advised by a City Hall insider that the folks at General Motors are not too happy. After spending millions to sponsor Vancouver's Olympics, the Mayor has given them a big snub. We're told that 2010 Olympic sponsor GM offered Robertson the use of an eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle during the 17 days of the Games, but he turned it down.

We're told his Worship is planning to drive the Mitsubishi i Miev during the Games instead of a GM product. Mitsubishi must be salivating over the potential ambush marketing opportunity of having the Olympic Mayor driving their vehicle around town while GM spent big bucks to secure the rights to sponsor the Games.

According to an email we received from our City Hall insider:

He was offered the use of an eco-friendly GM product during the Games, but he didn't think that was good enough. He turned down GM's offer to drive the hyrdogen fueled Equinox and is going with an electric vehicle from Mitsubishi instead. We're told GM is really pissed with his decision.

Not only are the folks at GM choked with Robertson's decision, apparently the brass at VANOC are also scrambling with how to deal with this potential hiccup. It would be an absolute no-no to have the Mayor pull up to an Olympic venue in a non-sponsored vehicle. One option VANOC officials are seriously considering is whether to cover up the Mitsubishi logo with duct tape for any public events.

If you think that notion is far fetched, just consider that Olympic volunteers are being told they cannot wear any apparel at official venues which is not properly branded. That's why they better not come show up for duty with their Telus hats or their Burger King visors...that too is a big no-no and would be grounds to send them packing.

Staff at City Hall are becoming increasingly frustrated with a Mayor who seems completely oblivious to the fact that Olympic sponsors spent millions to help provide him with a financially successful Games. Robertson's latest gaffe of snubbing GM is yet another sign our Olympic Mayor might not quite realize the enormity of the event he's about to host.

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Where in any of the Olympic sponsor's contracts does it say that they own the Mayor or City Council.GM? Great corporate citizen there...home of the Hummer,huge SUV's and a huge welfare payment from the US and Canadian government.Give me a break!

The Games are a great boon to the city that can be capitalized on, but there doesn't seem to be much of any momentum coming from the Mayor's office or the city for that matter. There is nothing from the City to get citizens excited or actively before the Games begin...

What do you think would happen, pal, if Klutzy Circus was about to hit the prime time in our city as a result of a friendly invitation:
a) Our boy would wear Klutzky's big red shoes as a matter of courtesy.
b) He would bring his own shoes from home.
And if your answer would be... b) how would that make you feel?
Never mind. I have never seen such an inept and self serving individual in a long time.
The citizens of Vancouver were duped. Big time; “Big and red shoes” time!

Maybe he thinks electric cars are more eco-friendly and sustainable than hydrogen cell-powered vehicles. Or more viable.

So VANOC is in no way accountable to the citizen's of Vancouver, but the mayor should be accountable to VANOC?

Accountable to VANOC? He is accountable to the taxpayers of Vancouver who want these Games to be a success. He is accountable for encouraging these Olympic sponsors to invest in the city and create jobs. How does giving the finger to one of the biggest corporate sponsors look to other potential internatinal investors? Terrible, just terrible. Do you think Dianne Watts would have acted in this way. Not a chance. She would be working with GM to find ways to get them to invest in her city. I checked the web and both vehicles are zero emission, so how can the mayor claim one vehicle is better than the other for the environment. Who does he think he is? David Suzuki? What next, is he going pull out his Telus mobile on stage when he waves the Olympic flag? sheesh.

Gregor only duped about 17% of the citizens - the number that voted for him and believed he could solve homelessness in 4 years despite the fact that it is not within the City's domain to do so (its the province and feds that own this). 17% of Vancouverites LIKE those big red shoes, backyard chickens and 205 sq foot condos. Next time they will vote for Chuckee Cheese.

As a taxpayer in Vancouver, I do not care about the success of the olympics. Nore do I care about what cloathing city staff wear.

VANOC's brand facism doesn't even give us the ability to practice "consumer" free speech. Ambush marketing be dammed.

On the plus side, VANOC has managed to turn wearing a burger king visor into a political act.

With that said, Gregor Robertson is a self serving and dispicable character. The day he used a homeless persons death to score cheap political points was the day he lost all suport from me. However, what car he drives during the Olympics is a non-story.

As mayor of the Olympic host city, Gregor should use some political smarts and sensibilities regarding Olympic sponsorship esp. when he was offered the use of the "green" GM hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicle.

Common sense does not seem to be part of Mayor Moonbeam's lexicon.

Why doesn't Gregor ride up on his bike?

How viable is the hydrogen car vs the electric car? Not very...

This time our Lordship has it right (for once.)

No doubt there will be a fleet of Equinoxes and gleaming OFFICIAL SPONSOR versions of GMs other vehicles coursing through the city. Why would anyone think it necessary to oblige our Mayor to become GMs smiling brand-face?

It's estimated that one-third of a car's carbon footprint comes from its manufacturing alone. You're leaving your mark regardless of your fuel of choice.

@k3nt. You're right, he's not obliged. But it's called street smarts. You know, having the political smarts to know that driving a mitsubishi to an olympic event when GM is the official sponsor is dumb. He's not the CEO of Happy Planet any longer, he's the mayor of the olympic host city - does he not realize this yet? He's only got 35 days to wake up to this reality.

Well I hope to hell he'll be drinking Coke for the duration of the games as well. He is the Mayor of the host city.

Go back to sleep-they're over in 51 days...

Where in the playbook does it say that the Mayor has to go around licking the corporate boots of any of the Olympic sponsors? God bless them all for inflicting this burdensome event on the unwitting taxpayers of all three levels of government,but not one of them is in it for our good.It's all about maximizing shareholder value.
The Mayor does not owe fealty in any way shape or form to any of the Olympic sponsors.The IOC is a demonstrably corrupt entity that has forgotten Baron DeCoubertin's founding principles decades ago.
Does anybody seriously believe that our Mayor should be a walking billboard for any of the bloated,corrupt multi-nationals involved in this orgy of self-congratulation???

@WTF Hmmm. Wasn't it the socialists under NDP leader Glen Clark that actually brought the Olympics to BC in the first place? I guess the NDP are in the back pockets of the corporate elite? Yeah right. Give your partisan BS bafflegab a break. The Games are coming here, so just sit back and enjoy them on your High Def TV since you're obviously not going to any events. The mayor goofed up and just admit it without going on with your anti-olympic rants.

Just because you have your screen name tattooed on your forehead does not mean that you own the podium ma' man!
This is a simple case of being stupid or appearing stupid. Choose one. As it stands out, our mayor could fall in both categories. Let me explain.
This guy is behaving like an Alzheimer(no pun intended)patient on a day trip to the Amsterdam's Red District. He wants to have fun but in the end he doesn't want to pay for it. Get it? He went to Athens and London recently for a reason. He presided over his council and bought the Clown Town for us for a reason. In a little over a month the Olympic Broad is going to be here; what is he going to say, that he never laid eyes on her before? Phhlease!
Let Charlie Sheen bring his own hookers to the party, at least he knows what he's doing.
Amazing! I AM making the case for the Olympic organizers here and I can't even stand the Games. Go figure.

Okay folks, his Worship is Mayor of the HOST CITY. We had a referendum agreeing to proceed with the bid. It was his party's predecessor that ordered the referendum. I think the words "SUCK IT UP PRINCESS" apply. GM is paying a lot of money to help host the games under considerably difficult and tough circumstances. THE LEAST this Mayor could do is not take the political back road to try and stir up controversy over something so mundane as which car he wants to take to see the Games for free. He's trying to come across as some sort of cool eco-friendly maverick. Like he's the lone ranger in his little duct taped mitsubishi. Personally, I think Sponge Bob does a better job as an anti-establishment archetype than this guy.

don't quote wikipedia on environmental issues. Pretty well known now that it has been "greenwashed".

Does anybody get the principle that City Hall and the Office of the Mayor have not been purchased by the IOC or VANOC? I'm sure there's a price tag,it just hasn't been negotiated.Much as you find yourself surprised to be defending the Olympics,I am no fan of Mayor GR,rather it is the idea that somehow he or his Office owe anything to either of these cronyistic organizations.
PS I will personally profit from these games quite nicely,event attendance optional-I have no doubt I will have tickets tendered to me.I just happen to recognize these games for what they are-a two week private party for the elite for which the average person will be paying off for years,in fact have already been paying for in terms of three years of disrupted traffic flow in,out of and around Vancouver.

Not to mention higher prices for new construction,lost time for children at community recreational facilities,destroyed businesses,displaced renters from the cut and cover "war" zone etc etc etc. Anyway,enjoy your gold medal hockey final,you can always move to Cabo when the tax s**t hits the fan.

I agree with Not an Expert. Robertson should SUCK IT UP and act like a friggin Mayor of Vancouver vs following his own personal feelings. The taxpayers paid for his jaunts all over the world (he did fly in a plane, didn't he??)...

Rachel, ease up a little would you. i can't stand reading your posts.

TS - "Ease up a little" ? Wow.... you sound as if you are being held hostage and forced to read these posts against your will.. What's up with that? I don't think reading anything needs to be about feeling a loss of control. You could just skip Rachel's posts...but something tells me that a part of your personality compels you to read on and then you feel some deep insecurities.... Maybe you need to take up a different past time that would be more gratifying for you? I could suggest a few and rarely hear the words "ease up a little".

This guy REALLY doesn’t get it, does he!

GM? Aren't they bankrupt?

Check out!

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