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CBC TV spreads the word on our 2010 Free Events Guide

Who'da guessed people like the sound of the word "free".'s 2010 Free Events Guide has exploded across social networks, both locally and abroad, generating 100,000 page views in just over one week. We're thrilled by the response from readers. A message this morning from Laurie stopped us in our tracks:

"I just wanted to drop you gentlemen a note of thanks for building such a fabulous website! I'm rapidly forwarding this to colleagues, family and friends. To be honest, after seeing all the things on your site - for the first time I'm getting excited about the Olympics - thanks to you."

We're getting excited about the Games, too. The Torch Relay has now entered BC, and communities are lit up as the Torch travels across the province. In just a couple of weeks the flame will arrive in Metro Vancouver.

Our 2010 Free Events Guide keeps getting updated daily, with new photos, venues as we get them like USA House (added today), and of course your comments. Crack CBC TV interactive reporter Theresa Lalonde tracked us down this week, and did a great feature report on our guide. Share the video posted on YouTube, or check out CBC's Road to the Games page.

Keep coming back to see even more, including our tabulations of the Top Five Most Anticipated free venues, based upon our web tracking data.

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Hello Daniel, I want to let you know helpful your information you made available to me on the free events regarding the 2010 games. I never miss your Tuesday morning program on the Bill Good show. You are very entertaining and certainly so knowledgeable regarding the political issues of the province of British Columbia. Thank you and looking forward to next Tuesday. regards Lucille

WOW!! What a great site! It has made my planning of my trip so much easier! Thanks a ton...

Hello there and thank you so much for your wonderful Free event Olympic Guide - It feels as though our city has forgotten about its residents. I received your guide today and since have posted it on Facebook and everyone is very grateful and passing it now to their friends etc. So, thanks very much again.

Check out!

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