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GlobalTV's Brian Coxford explains that FREE is where 2 be!

Last night it was exciting for us to have GlobalTV BC plugging the free events, and our online work promoting 2010 Free Events. Here's the link to GlobalTV's story.


Hi guys,

I am pointing people here, too.

Two suggestions:

1) Make sure the BC Media Centre at Robson Square has this on their website as a media release (pdf format!) to all local, national & international media.

2) Can you please provide a city(ies) street map, plotting each destination by number with an associated legend below, for peeps to print out?

That'll make it really easy for us all to plan how many places we can hit in a go.
(Why, you could even put the City Caucus url on it!;-) More free advertising, as 1000's of sweaty palmed locals and tourists clutch it in their little collective Olympic mittens!).

You country thanks you!

NYW, great advice! We're doing a BIG push on BC/Robson stuff soon. We're working on the maps item, too.

You can sleep on the floor at first united for free.Too Furlong should give it a try.

Check out!

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