Four Host First Nations release promotional video

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A video prepared in time for the Olympics by the Four Host First Nations is inspiring

Everyone at is looking forward visiting the numerous pavilions that will highlite highlight (thx, Sean) and celebrate our First Nations culture and heritage. Those venues include the Four Host First Nations pavilion, the BC pavilion, Canada's Northern House and the Pan Pacific Pavilion. We stumbled across this beautifully made video prepared for the Olympics by the Four Host First Nations. It's quite stunning and worth a look. In order to play it, simply click on the image above.


yes please, I care to purchase this song!....can you help?? ...great website, thank you!! :)


We're not sure if that song is for sale, but we'd enourage you to visit the Four Host First Nations pavilion website listed in our Where 2 Be for Free page and contact them directly to find out. If it is for sale, a few people like yourself will likely gobble it up. We know the organizers of this pavilion also read our blog regularly, so perhaps they could post a response below in order that they can share this information with all our readers.

Check out!

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