Do you know where the Vancouver 2010 free events are?

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GlobalTV provides just some of the coverage for's Vancouver 2010 Free Events Guide

We're excited by the reaction we've received here at for our 2010 Free Events Guide for the upcoming Olympic Games. Thousands of you are checking out the long list of free venues and entertainment for all ages that have already started.

Last week GlobalTV BC's Robin Stickley did this great report on all the choices that exist throughout Metro Vancouver, but are not being promoted in one spot – except at!

My colleague Daniel took his family downtown on Saturday to visit Canada's Northern House, and to explore the other venues underway. Several of his photos and short video clips are posted at our Flickr page:

We're starting to get emails and comments from folks who are on their way to Vancouver for the Games. We can't wait until you are all here to experience this great event.

Keep coming back to's Vancouver 2010 Free Events Guide. There is more to come!


Thanks for this.

Hi there, just wanted to tell you how wonderful your website is. I've been watching the newspapers daily for items setting out locations of pavilions and where to find fun things to do in the city during the Olympics. Your website makes it so much easier! I wondered if you would consider adding links to the various Olympic venues where the events will be held. I was trying to find out where the Richmond Olympic Oval is, and had a hard time finding a website and map that set it out, and even when I did find one the format wasn't nearly as easy to navigate as yours. So, even though the Olympic events themselves aren't free, it would be great if you could add links to the venues.

Go Canada Go !

Just want to thank you for putting this site together for the Olympics, it is fantastic.

I am from Winnipeg and arrive with my family for the two weeks of the games on February 13th…this website is fabulous, and I am getting so excited, thanks so much for the all the detailed info!!

Check out!

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