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Great videos like this might tug at the heartstrings of even jaded reporters

Sure, the Games are big business. And there are no shortage of critics. What has made Vancouver's 2010 Games worth embracing so far boils down to the emotional reaction of fans, especially the kids. Look at the unbelievable passions that the Torch Relay have drawn out of communities across Canada. In a matter of days the Torch Relay will come to Vancouver (February 11, 12). I expect some of that same emotion will happen when it arrives here. This great video sent to us titled "I Believe" captures the spirit of that occasion in a powerful way that caught me off guard. I hope this one makes the rounds.


That's what the Spirit is all about ! Well done.

So why does the media continue to report on the handfull (or less) protesters at a torch run event? It seems to me that there is an exponentially greater positive enthusiasm than negativity in these Games and aren't we a democracy?

You guys deserve the order of canada for putting this site together. You're single handedly getting people into the spirit and debunking the myth the olympics are just for the rich. Why didn't anyone else in government think of this months ago? Surely they must have known all this was going on. In any event, great job guys and I'm a convert to citycaucus for life! PS loved your restaurant review. Keep em coming.

I believe! Truly amazing that all of these events will be accessible to everyone. Great job.

Makes the 88% cuts to arts funding even sadder. Where will the next generation of artists who make work like this come from if we don't nurture them?

Go Team Canada!

I love this song and I love this video. I just posted this on my blog last night. Looks like Toronto and Vancouver have the same feeling about this, or at least I'm the one person in Toronto who does! Makes me teary eyed every time I hear this song.
Go Canada! I can't wait to cheer you on.

I Believe! I ran with the Olympic Torch and I will hold onto all the memories and inspirational people I met on that day.

I believe the Olympicss brings out the best in people. We cheer on our own athletes and our country. We even band behind the underdogs as was evident at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary. Where Eddie the Eagle touched our hearts as well as the Jamaican Bob Sled Team. We shed our tears when Elizabeth Manley captured the Silver Medal.

This video is very moving......thank you for sharing it with me.

I have not been a supporter of the Olympics in B.C. since prior to B.C. being awarded the games. However, now that they are here everyone must hope and pray they are a success. Plese be friendly and welcoming to our guests. Go Canada Go!

Vickky Angstrom, you need to get a life. These Olympics are about much more than your wanting to live off the public purse. And 88% cutback?? Talk about an exorbitant exaggeration.

What a wonderful tribute to the spirit of the Canadian people. Well done. My son, Michael, is carrying the torch today in North Vancouver and my whole family will be there to cheer him and the other runners on with great pride. I live in Hawaii and can't make it physically but you know I will be there emotionally and spiritually.


I believe, I believe we should take the next six weeks to celebrate all the things that are great about young people all over the world. The spirit of challenge and commitment that burns within them and the focused determination of athletes who know what they want and are willing to make the sacrifices and go the extra mile. These are going to be the people who we depend upon to help us make the right decisions for the future. Of course the IOC and the sponsors use this as a cash machine, as does the province and the city. Wherever there is human activity there is money involved. I believe also that Vancouver has done more to address the housing/homeless problems than it would have done without the Olympics. But for six weeks let's celebrate the world and ourselves.

What a great video!! It makes me proud to be born in Canada! Go for it Vancouver and Canada, it's your time to shine! It always brings people together for a common goal. I have a warm heart after seeing this video, thanks for sharing!

FANTASTIC!!! Kudos to all the artists, athletes, organizers and the incredible volunteers! YOU are all making this a spectacle that will make the world take notice of what Canada is about. That torch has ignited excitement in every city and town it traversed. Vancouver - you have done us proud in the way the city looks and in your spirit of inclusion. From Winnipeg and the rest of the country, we're going to be watching. Congratulations to everyone involved and that includes us, the taxpayers.

I was a Volunteer at the 88 Olympics in Calgary and hearing "I Believe" brought tears to my eyes and memories to mind that are not forgotten 21 years later.
Have fun everyone! This is an event you will remember for the remainder of your days.

Great little video. Go Canada Go............

FANTASTIC video! 10 out of 10!!!
GO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am and have been a fan of the Games for many years.It dosent matter where they are played, it is the way they are played
This is truly a beautiful tribute to a beautiful country.Great Job.The excitement begins tomorrow,go winners go.Unfortunately Ill have to watch on TV but my heart is in CANADA

I don't believe professional hockey players should be able to participate. In almost every Olympic Sport (except hockey and basketball) once you go pro, you are not allowed to compete in the Olympics. There should be no expections. Let the exceptional amateurs go for the gold.

Awesome video and expresses all our sentiments...yes even on the prairies which is somewhere between Vancouver and Toronto. Watched the torch relay infront of our home as the 2 torches "kissed" and carried on with our hearts full of thanks and blessings for this wonderful amazing country we call home.
Thanks for fwdg this video to us !
O CANADA !!!!!!!!!!

I love the song, I love what it represents, I love that it has helped unite Canada young and old from coast to coast. I just wish the grammar had been correct.

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