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Hundreds of questions, thousands of response to our regular online polls

Since our launch in 2008, we've been regularly asking for your opinion on the "hot" civic subjects of the day. Last year we posted hundreds of poll questions and you responded in droves. As a special feature, we occasionally bundle up some of the more popular questions and provide our readers with the final results. What follows is a summary of your responses to a small selection of our top questions from last year.

Our number one question in terms of responses was "What do you think of the Critical Mass cyclist protest in Vancouver". 43% said they should be arrested. 28% clicked "don't these people have jobs". 17% agreed "it's helped to make gains for cyclists" while only 13% said "way to go, big thumbs up."

Another popular question was "Does City Hall ignore Vancouver's south side when compared to the north? 45% said "yes, absolutely". 33% clicked on "we have a south side?". 22% said "no, they're treated equally."

Back in August '09, we asked you "Will Vancouver ever get "excited" about the Olympic Games in time?".  47% responded to "Yawn. What Games?". 28% said "Absolutely! I'm looking forward to them." While only 25% said "Maybe, but we need to "kick it into gear" fast. If you recall, it was Mayor Robertson who used the "kick it into gear" line in response to the lack of a one-year Olympic countdown party in Vancouver.

Another questioned pertained to purchasing police helicopters in Winnipeg. We asked "Should Winnipeg invest $2 million in a new police helicopters?". A 59% majority said "no, what a waste of money". 41% agree with the statement "yes, great investment."

We also asked the controversial question "Should Vision phase out the independent Park Board?". 59% said no, while 41% said yes. It would be interesting to see if we asked that question today if the response would be any different?

In a tribute to our veterans, we also asked "Do you think the Royal Canadian Legion should pay municipal taxes?". An overwhelming 67% said no, while 33% said "Yes, they should be treated like everyone else."

In Toronto, Mayor David Miller called it quits after a bitter labour dispute. So we asked "Do you think the recent civic strike had anything to do with Mayor David Miller's retirement announcement?".74% of you felt the CUPE strike "did him in". Only 26% of you said "no, I think he needs more time with family."

When we asked about Mayor Gregor Robertson's Green Capital plan 72% of you responded by saying it was "mere greenwashing to impress gullible voters; a complete waste of time." 

As for those Google cameras taking pictures of our back lanes, we asked "What do you think about having images of your neighbourhood on Google Street View?". 61% said "I welcome it - geomap the world!". 

Will Vision Vancouver have a challenger in 2011? We asked "What is the future of the NPA?".  32% said "Stick a fork in it. There is no future for this organization." That response was followed closely (27%) by "The NPA can revive and rebuild the confidence of voters as is."

Thanks again to all of our readers for responding so vigorously to our online polls. If you have any suggestions on topics you would like to see posted, please email us your question at

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