CityCaucus Tower Revealed!

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CityCaucus Tower Lights Up!
Clear as can be from Cambie Bridge, CityCaucus Tower lights up in time for the 2010 Games

If there is one question we get asked over and over again by fans of, it's 'when the heck are we going to see CityCaucus Tower?' We've demurred so far on requests to show off "The Tower" (as the young scamps in our research department call it) because when you're taking a web enterprise from nothing to something more than just your mom and spouse will visit, you've got more important priorities.

CityCaucus Tower houses the offices of We've provided a few details about it in previous posts here.

  1. Tower height: 39 storeys.
  2. Daniel & Mike's offices are on floor 37. They have no access to executive floors above them, and do not know the shadowy power brokers who keep offices there and fund the operations.
  3. Floors below are occupied by a large number of underpaid employees who work long hours, including evenings and weekends.
  4. Three floors of desks and cubicles make up our research department.
  5. Two floors are taken up by media monitoring.
  6. There are floors for operations, and a company gymnasium.
  7. Building security is important but not onerous thanks to quality body screening systems.

The corporate culture at CityCaucus Tower is definitely "work hard, play hard, and never forget life is hard". The Friday night pizza and beer nights are meant to be less hard, and help with team building. We do hear the occasional gripe from staff who'd rather be with family or friends on a Friday night. You know – "I haven't seen my kids in weeks, blah blah blah".

When people sign up to work at CityCaucus Tower they know it's not just a job, it's like Avatar, a fully immersible life-sucking experience.

We've been asked about the big white sign outside that says VISION CRITICAL, and our response is simple – what could be more suitable? Who, pray tell, is more critical of Vision than us? Not the MSM, not any other venue cares to provide political analysis of Vancouver's present government as we have.

At some point we'll bring in the cleaning crew, and truck the empty pizza boxes out to the recycle bin, and try to show The Tower in its full glory.

Everyone here, including Daniel & myself, the wonderful Erin Chutter, Eric Mang at our Toronto desk, the scamps on the floors below and, we think, the suits upstairs, all thank you for visiting!

- post by Mike

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Seems like too many long nights in the cellar have caused a fuse to fizzzzzle...

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