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Blogging while driving is now illegal in BC – will abide

We're all adjusting around here at CityCaucus Tower to our expanded holiday waistlines and inboxes full of brown envelopes. While we get set to launch into 2010 with vigorous new coverage, we thought it would be worthwhile to share a segment from Saturday's edition of The World This Weekend on CKNW radio. Guest host Simi Sara invited to come speak based upon our post last week on the influence of blogging on traditional media.

Simi and Daniel Fontaine had a spirited enjoyable conversation on how independent media sources like blogs are dishing it up and becoming increasingly influential in today's mainstream sources affected by a difficult economy.

You can visit and check out their Audio Vault, setting it to 5:30 on January 2nd. Or, we have captured the whole segment, which you can listen to here (or d/l mp3):

The question we have for our readers is what are the sources you use to expand your knowledge of news, politics, or any hobby or interest? Are blogs and blog writers becoming a more frequent part of that?

Take the poll – Are blogs and bloggers having an impact on the way you consume news and information?

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